How to Get Emotes in Free Fire

Want to make your gaming experience even more amazing? There are lot more cool features in Garena Free Fire that many players are still unaware of that. In those features, I have taken out one in this blog that is emoted. Read the whole blog to know about this cool feature. 

how to get emotes in free fire

Emote means emotions in Garena Free Fire. Many pro players in the free-fire world are already aware of this feature and also, they are using it too. As emotions can express so many things that can be seen by humans only. 

Now in the animation world of Garena free fire, the players will be able to see several emotions by the free-fire characters. If you have emotes then you will be able to express certain things by just expressions to another player. Want to know how to get emotes in free fire? Read below.

If you want emotes, you need to buy them from the in-game store. You just need some diamonds to buy it. Diamonds are known as the in-game currency which you can obtain doing some certain things. You need to spend the real currency or you will need to join the events and tournaments. So that you can win diamonds as a reward. 

Guide to Unlock Emotes

Step-1 you need to open the Garena Free Fire application first into your device. 

Step-2 when you open it, then you will need to sign in by your G-mail, Facebook, Apple ID, or Twitter accounts. Sign-in with these IDs will directly take you to the lobby inside the application. 

Step-3 When you reach the lobby then you will see the store present option which you need to click on that. Click on the store present option then you will see the list of things on the screen. 

Step-4 now you need to go for the collection then click on the emotes menu to go further. 

Step-5 in the last step, you need to select the emotes that you want then you will need to purchase them if you want to use them in the game. Complete the payment process then you will be able to use the emote inside the game. 


So, I have provided you with a list above by which you will be able to get the emotes in the game. You just need to remember that these emotes will need some in-game currency to unlock. There is also another way by which you can get emotes in free. You can join events and tournaments by which you will get free emotes in free fire as rewards.

If you don’t have diamonds then you don’t need to worry because there are certain ways by which you can achieve Free Fire diamonds easily. So, if you can spend currency on that you can go to the gaming store and can buy it by spending currency. If you are not able to spend money. Then you can join some events and tournaments that are kept launching by the developers. 

Through participating in the events, you will get a chance to achieve many diamonds with your skills as a reward. In tournaments and events, you need good strategies and amazing gaming skills. Get the diamonds and claim many emotes today.