How to Fix Game Lag in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire provides a satisfying & thrilling gaming experience. The developers make it a point to release updates with exciting new features on a regular basis.

Additionally, Free Fire does not require a high-end smartphone. However, even with good care, some devices face lag issues when playing. So, today, we are going to check out how to solve game lag in Free Fire via this article.

free fire lag fix

For enhancing your gaming skills, frames per second play an important role in the shooting time of the free fire. If you want to play a free fire game then you need to have 30 frames per second. 

When there is a player who is passionate and serious about his game and wants to improve the gaming performance then the player can run their games at 60 frames per second for free fire lag fix and can get a smooth gameplay experience.  

How to Fix Lag?  

While playing Garena free fire game, some players are facing lag even by running their device at 60 frames per second. Many free fire players want to improve this but they don’t know what to do to get the free fire lag fix. To make It easy, here are the 5 methods by which any free fire player can improve the performance of their gameplay.  

1- Close the Applications that are running in the Background 

From morning to evening, a common person uses more than 10 applications at least but they don’t think it necessary to close the applications that are running in the background. If you are unaware then let me tell you that, the applications that are running in the background will eat up a large portion of RAM. If it is eating your large portion of RAM then that means it will give a direct effect on the storage of the device. You need to close the application when you have done with that so that you can experience better gameplay.  

2- Lower the settings of the Graphics 

For those, who are using the old phones that do not equip with the latest technology, if they are using high graphics then they need to set it to the smooth. You can enable the frames per second so that your device can run smoothly. You will get the FPS option under the brightness setting.  

3- Try to use Game booster applications 

The game booster application is available on the Google play store. These applications will help you to free up space. Before using the gaming applications, you can use this for having an amazing gameplay experience.  

4- Disable the Low Power mode 

To save the battery, the low power mode is used to reduce the power consumption. You will get the low power mode at the main setting of the device. This low power mode is also a reason for the lag. If you want to make your gameplay experience better then you should disable the low power mode or battery saver mode.  

5- Clear internal memory 

For a smooth gameplay experience, you need to delete all the necessary files from the device. Just go into the file manager then filter all the pictures, videos, and other files so that you can find out the unnecessary files. Try to avoid keeping large videos on your device.  These are some methods that you need to follow to get the free fire lag fix and have a smooth gameplay experience. When you do this then you will be able to play smoothly in free fire or other games.