Top 5 Free Fire emotes for new players in 2022  

As Garena free fire has a massive Fanbase that consists of people from every region. Wherever you are, you just see an amazing fan following of Garena Free Fire. Not only in the world but this game is also ranked at the top of the Google Play Store. It will not be going to be difficult to find this game because it spread like water in so many regions. Read about Free Fire emotes below.   

Free Fire Emotes

As you can play this game for free but there are some in-game items that you will be going to get inside the game in exchange for money. Many players can’t afford to pay and many of them just spend money and get the desirable item that they want.

The developers of Garena free fire knows that there are a lot of players who are not able to afford to spend currency that’s why they keep launching events and tournaments every month so that players can get the chance to win in-game currency by which they can purchase the item that they want from the in-game store.   

From those items of Garena free fire, we have picked up emotes that are the topic of our today’s blog. We are going to discuss the Top 5 emotes of free fire for the new players so that newcomers don’t need to face hassle while selecting the emotes. If you are a beginner then you must need to read this blog. So don’t skip even a single line and stay tuned with me till the end.   

5 Best Free Fire emotes for New Players  

1- Moon Flip  

Instead of the regular flip, you will get to see this emote to perform a Stylish diagonal somersault. Among all the options of the in-game store, this emote has been the most stylish and most arguably item for the free fire players. The free fire players have been set this emote at the top of the list. If you want something cool then this emote will be going interesting for you.   

2- Kongfu  

You will get to see this emote using nunchuck that is inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee. If you want to purchase this item then you need to collect 399 diamonds.   

3- Bhangra  

This emote will be pretty cool for the Indian players especially because in this emote, you will see the basic step of the Bhangra dance that this emote will do. If you want to purchase this item from in-game store then you need to have 399 diamonds in your gaming account.   

4- Threaten  

This emote will let your character flaunt a throat-slash gesture. This emote will be the best option for newbies. If you want to purchase it then you need to have 399 diamonds that you will need to spend in in-game store.   

5- LOL  

This emote will let your character laugh like crazy at the opponents that will be the best option for teasing the opponents. Collect 399 diamonds so that you can purchase this cool Lol emote from in-game store.   

These are 5 cool emotes that all freebies or newbies should know. Collect the required number of diamonds so that you don’t need to face hassle while purchasing.