Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Female Characters as Chrono!

When it comes to Free Fire characters, the Chrono character is regarded as the best in-game character. Even though it isn’t the first, but it is every Garena Free Fire player’s second choice. However, in the battleground, you’ll observe a lot of people using this character.

Presently, the makers of Free Fire have introduced several new characters. Because of their incredible in-game skills and abilities, these new characters are easily taking Chrono’s place. Do you want to know about those characters? Indeed you are, so users read this blog & check out the 3 best female characters in the free fire.

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Top 3 Female Characters to Replace Chrono 

1- Xayne 

On the first number, we have the Garena Free Fire character Xayne. This character’s skill in the game is named “Xtreme Encounter.” If you chose this character, you will be able to perform admirably on the battlefield. This wonderful female character will be the cause of many opponents’ deaths.

After the Chrono, this female character was the only one who used to go in many battles by the Garena Free fire players. Once the ability is activated of this character then you will be going to get 80 Health Points that can reduce the overtime.  

She can deal with up to 130% of increased damages against Gloo walls and shields at the duration of 15 seconds of her ability. These things are making her very powerful which is rushing against the enemies in Garena Free Fire game. 

2- Elite Kelly 

This guy excels at running and holds a world record in the sport. Elite Kelly has become a meta-character in the game Garena Free Fire. Many players enjoy playing as this character on the battleground.

In the first shot, this character can deal with up to 106% of damages by her amazing ability. This ability will be active for 5 seconds once it’s active so you need to do it a little bit faster. You can use her speed which running to protect yourself. Speed boost can help you in many situations. By her amazing ability, she is now in the second position on the top female character list of Garena Free Fire. 

3- Elite Moco 

The way to look at the match of her is different than other free fire characters. She uses the technology to gain a great advantage by her vision. The most amazing ability of her is, she can easily track the opponent amazingly in the game. Tracking the enemy will help you to be aware.  

The ability of Elite Moco is called Enigma’s Eye that can remember the enemy that has been shot by the player. Her ability will be active for 5 seconds only.  There are the top 3 female Free fire characters of Garena Free Fire. If you have not used these characters yet then you need to try these today. These characters will be going to be very useful while you are playing on the battleground.