All-Time Fastest Players: World Best Free Fire Player List 2022

Garena Free Fire is the most wonderful and well-known game, and it attracts a large number of players. Presently, this game is at the top of every platform. It’s difficult to compare one incredible free-fire player to another. However, Google has filtered certain individuals who are known as the top best players in the entire world after searching and observing a lot of Free Fire gamers.

The list of top free fire gamers is here. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.

Free Fire Gamers

The List of The Fastest Free Fire Players 

1- TSG Jash 

TSG Jash is the fastest and most well-skilled player of Garena Free Fire. By using amazing skills and abilities, this player is now on the top list of free fire gamers in Garena Free Fire. He is a part of the TSG squad and sometimes some players compare him to TSG Ritik. He is a most versatile player and can absorb any kind of game whether it is solo or with the team.  

He sparks out from every mode of the game very amazingly. He got a score of 3354 in season 12 and he belonged to the Heroic Tier. He got the invitation from last year by Free Fire Asia.  


Raster is a well-known name in the Garena Free Fire world. He got amazing skills and abilities that he always uses in the game and is still stable in the list of top players. Just because of his incredible speed, some free-fire players think that he is a hacker. His way of using headshots is amazing that’s why he got the highest headshot rate of 63 percent.  

3- Sudip Sarkar 

In the list of top 5 players, Sudip Sarkar took the place in third. When we talk about season 12, this player was among the top 22% of players in the world. The amazing thing about this player is, he is very good in close combat and has decent speed.  

He knows very well to use the strategies according to the situations that’s why he plays to kill and ultimately win the matches. He got his YouTube channel in which, he uploads his fresh content of gaming videos. He is running his YouTube channel with the name of Gyan Gaming and got more than 2 million subscribers.  


This player is from India and belongs to the BOSS group guild. He is amazing in long combats. When we talk about season 10, he was the only player who got the highest rank of 11703 and took place in the top player’s list.   


He is an amazing player from the Indonesian server and got the place in world fastest free fire player name list. This player is belonging to the Heroic Tier and got a badge with a point of 25089. He is known as the world’s best free fire player and he belongs to the NESC-IND guild. He is running his own YouTube channel with the name of Dyland Pros and got more than 9.5 million subscribers.