What is the Highest Kill in the Free Fire? Check Out Here!

Do you want to know who has the highest kills in free fire? In this blog, you will learn about some incredible free-fire gamers who have set the highest kills record in the game. Read the blog all the way to the end to find out their names and records.

As there are many growing stars in the games, there are some fantastic players who, thanks to their incredible gaming skills and sense, have established the highest records for kills in free fire. You will learn about some fantastic players and their fascinating facts about how they earned the most kill in free fire in this blog.

highest kill in free fire

List of Players owned Highest kills record 

1. TSG Jash 

This player has participated in many international competitions. TSG Jash and his teammates also received the invitation from free fire Asia 2019. He is on the list of top players and is famous for his headshot kills, wins, and for his K/D ratio. Also, he got the highest kills score of 3354. He also obtains a Heroic Tier in season 12.  

2. Sudip Sarkar 

He was in the top 12% of players in Season 12 and is known for his incredible talents and abilities. In close combat, he has good speed. Also, he possesses all of the characteristics that a player should have.

By 49, he held the world record for the highest kill in free fire. He also has his own YouTube channel, where he often posts new game-related content. Moreover, he has over 2 million subscribers.

3. Raistar 

This player is regarded as the fastest in the free fire. Many gamers assumed he was using some kind of hack to play successfully because of his incredible talents and abilities. He is recognized for his close combats, having the greatest kill rate in free fire in India at 63 percent.

Guide for Beginners  

1- Be aware when you are in looting time. This is supposed as a dangerous time because you can be killed if you want to give good weapons. 

2- try to use the thumb layout to play well and get more kills.  

3- try to avoid redundant jump-shooting.  

4- before landing on the battleground, try to practice into the free-fire practice mode first.  

We can regard Sudip Sarkar’s score as the highest kill record in the free fire because he set the global record of 49 kills in the free fire. You may watch his performance on YouTube if you haven’t already. You will be able to see how he plays the game by visiting his YouTube page.

Do you want to break your buddies’ kill record? You must first practice in the free fire practice mode in order to improve your gaming skills. Practice mode will assist you in getting the most out of your training. Try to watch some professional players’ games to acquire some ideas for strategic games.