Top 5 Best Landing Spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map!

There are four maps that you will be going through in the Garena Free Fire game. When we filtered out one of them then it’s the Bermuda Map that is most popular among those maps. Many free-fire players mostly prefer to use this map only. Maybe it’s safe!

In the classic battle royale mode, gamers will be given the Free Fire Bermuda map, which is the most popular of the four. It will be difficult to conquer for free-fire players, which is why they enjoy employing this. Every location and terrain is known to all of the players. It’s exciting to the gamers since there are great twists and turns that are enough to make any gaming experience amazing. 

You just need to remember that before landing at this drop point, try to make a good strategy to apply at the beginning. Making a strategy at the beginning will help you to get more kills and great loot.  

When it comes to choosing the best maps then many players get confused and that is the reason that many players go in the wrong direction. I’m not saying that map is wrong. Choose a map based on your gaming skills & challenge your opponent.

Best Landing Spots in Bermuda Map 

1- Cape Town 

This is a location in Free Fire Bermuda Map at the extreme east. Many newbies consider this map as the safest. Cape Town has a decent number of weapons that you will get all over it. They find this map safest and incredible because they get great loot over here as many weapons are dispersed all over the surface.  

2- Sentosa 

Due to the placement, this location is considered the best place to land in free fire Bermuda. This map is located in the south-eastern part of the Bermuda map. You will be going to get this map at the small separated island that is connected to the mainland going through the bridge. 

3- Mars Electric 

Along with the few chances of encountering skilled opponents, you will also get enough loot over here that will be a friend of the player in the gaming journey. This location is located at the extreme south of the map and allows few players to play.  

4- Rim Nam Village 

This location is the least explored on the Bermuda map. If you are a newbie then you can choose it as your starting spot. This location offers many safe zones that’s why players can freely roam for the loot.  

5- Shipyard 

This location is not as a safe comparison to the other locations but you will get great over there at the early stage. This location is located in the extreme north.  

These are the five best places to land in free fire Bermuda map that you can pick up. If you are a beginner then try to go with these maps at the early stages.