Check Out: SK Sabir Boss Free Fire ID Number, Bundles, Real Name

Sheikh Sabir is a fantastic free fire player who is known in the Garena Free Fire community as SK Sabir Boss. He’s one of the most well-known members of the free-fire community. Also, he has a YouTube channel that is receiving a lot of attention in addition to gaming. Do you want to know more about his real name, sk sabir boss uid, and more? Keep reading…

sk sabir boss uid

As many free-fire players know he got approximately 4.78 million subscribers and 220.88 million views. Along with this, he also got 80k followers on his Instagram handle. The SK Sabir boss uid is 55479535.  

SK Sabir Lifetime Stats 

When SK Sabir participated in the 34304 squad matches, he got 10891 wins that are converting into a win ratio of 31.74%. He set a K/D ratio of 5.15 with a massive number of 120692 kills.  

This player has killed 3178 players in the duo match and wins in 634 which is converting into a win ratio of 19.89%. This YouTube gamer has set the K/D ratio to 3.42 along with the elimination number of 8741.  

When it comes to the solo match done by him, he participated in the 1743 matches and racked the 150 booyah’s up which is converting into a win percentage of 8.60%. he set the kill to death ratio to 2.26 by getting 3601 numbers of kills.  

Ranked Stats of SK Sabir 

SK Sabir has participated in the 1496 squad matches and defeated the enemies in 616 matches that are converting a victory percentage of 41.20%. He set the kill to death ratio of 6.39 by hitting the kill number of 5616.  

This amazing content creator has participated and played in the seven duo matches and got first place on a single occasion on a win percentage of 14.28%. He set the total kill to death ratio of 2 by getting the kill number of 12.  


You have heard about the cosmetics in the Garena Free Fire but this player-owned many cosmetic collections in Garena Free Fire. If you have never seen then you can visit his YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, there are many videos uploaded by him that you can see and can get to know about his vast cosmetic collection.  

SK Sabir YouTube Channel 

SK Sabir Free Fire player started his own YouTube channel a few years ago in which he uploads his gameplay videos of Garena Free Fire. He started his YouTube channel in September 2019. After putting in so much effort, he successfully aimed the place in the top YouTubers.  

His videos have risen to the top of the search results, attracting a large number of visitors. He has over 4.78 million subscribers &  220 million views on YouTube because of his incredible and unique content.

If you want to know more about him, go to his YouTube channel and check out his incredible content.