PUBG Developer Krafton Filed Lawsuit Against Free Fire Developer Garena, Apple, Google!

There is big news that Krafton has Filed a Lawsuit against the developer of Free Fire on Garena Apps. Is it true? To know about all the details, you need to check out the whole blog. In this blog, I’ll go over all of the reasons why the creator of PUBG “Krafton” filed a lawsuit against Garena.

Yes, Garena has indeed been law suited for Garena Apps by the Developer by PUBG. Krafton accused that Garena has copied the features that he is providing to its players. Both games are similar as players can see that’s why he thinks that Garena has copied his provided features.

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Allegations Alleged by Krafton on Garena

PUBG is the first to create a battle royale game, while Free Fire is the second to announce a Royale Battle game. Garena, according to Krafton, has cloned a lot of items from PUBG, and he is marketing it on Google and Apple. Krafton also accused Google of promoting pirated videos on their platform via YouTube.  

Krafton already filed a lawsuit against Garena and now he had taken some action. This is really bad news for the Free Fire lovers. According to Krafton, Garena has copied its popular royale battle title and that is the reason that he filed a lawsuit of copyright. Krafton has alleged that Garena has earned hundreds of millions of dollars by selling those two games. Free Fire has two games which are Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max that he sold to google and apple.

Google and Apple are also earning by their game that’s why they are in question. There are two gaming apps of Free Fire that are still played by the Free Fire players. Both games are still on the list of Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Is this injustice? Or they are doing wrong. Know everything about the allegations alleged by the developer of PUBG. 

What Krafton Wants Garena to do?

The case was filed on 21 December by the developer of PUBG “Krafton”. In this case, Krafton mentioned that he needs to stop the exploitation of Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max. He also mentioned that he needs to stop the authorization that he gave to Google and Apple.  

However, Garena refused to do the things mentioned in the case by Krafton. When Garena refused to do so then Krafton requested google and Apple to stop the exploitation of Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max. He requested both platforms but the Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max are still listed in the Google play store and Apple’s App Store.  He also asked YouTube for removing such videos that are similar to his game but those videos are still listed on their platform. These all allegations are alleged by Krafton to Garena for Garena Free Fire games in which he mentioned that Garena has copied his game.