How to Get The Red Criminal Bundle in Free Fire?

Hello and welcome to the blog! Today, I’m going to provide you with a guide that will help free-fire players to achieve the red criminal bundle. Many free-fire players want to achieve a red criminal bundle but they don’t know the way to acquire it. Through this blog, you will be able to know the easiest way by which you can claim the red bundle in the free fire. 

To learn everything, read here so you’ll be able to receive a red bundle for free. 

criminal bundle

When will Red Criminal Bundle 2022 will arrive? 

Recently, Garena Free Fire has launched some events and many players know about it and some are still unaware of it. In one of these events, they also launched an event for the red criminal bundles that players can achieve. You can acquire these red criminal bundles by the Token Tower.  

To acquire the red criminal bundles, you will need to pay some in-game currency that some players can’t afford. So, in this blog am going to provide you with a spin trick by which you can infest red criminal bundle in fewer spins.  

Spin Tricks for Red Criminal Bundles 

If you want to infest these red criminal bundles then you will need to have a royal weapon and also Royale diamond vouches to get it. Read the list below to know every necessary thing that you will need to acquire red criminal bundles.  

Items List to Infest Red Criminal Bundles 

  • You will need a 10 royale weapon voucher 
  • You will need 10 diamonds voucher 
  • 1 magic cube 
  • 60 gold royale vouchers 

If you got all these things then you will be able to get the red free fire criminal bundle even in 1 spin.  

Follow the Steps to Get Red Criminal Bundles 

Step-1 Collect the diamond royale voucher, gold royale voucher along with weapon royale so that you can spin it at the first step.  

Step-2 When you are done the spin with those three items then you will need to get 1 bundle that you will get by exchanging magic cube.  

Step-3 Now you need to open the Free Fire MAX on the device that you are using.  

Step-4 When you open Free Fire MAX on your device then disconnect the internet connection then again connect the device to the internet.  

Step-5 You need to reconnect the internet connection on your device to spin in the red criminal bundles.  

Step-6 When you complete all the things then you will be able to get the tokens.  

Step-7 You will need to collect 5 tokens for the red criminal bundles.  

Step-8 Complete all the processes and try to collect 5 tokens so that you can exchange them to get the free fire criminal bundle. To acquire the red criminal bundles, you will need 5 tokens and that is important.  

Follow all the steps and receive the red criminal bundles for your tough gameplay!