How to Easily Reach Heroic Tier in Free Fire MAX?

One of the most difficult things to achieve in Free Fire MAX is the Heroic Tier. This will completely grind you out before you can reach the Free Fire Heroic Tier. If you wish to do this, you must strengthen your skills.

To rank up in the Garena Free Fire MAX is not going to be easy. When a Free Fire player attempts to maximize its Heroic Tier, the competition becomes more difficult. You will have to travel through some difficult stages before you can attain the Heroic Tier in Free Fire MAX.

free fire heroic

Before entering the competition, the Free Fire player must devise a strategy for landing on the Free Fire MAX battlefield. You must take care of all the necessary details, such as in-game characters, weapon selection, landing place, and so on. Now, check out how one can reach this tier quickly.

How Can You Reach the Heroic Tier 

1- Your Choice of in-game Characters 

Before landing on the battlefield, the players need to take care of the choice of characters first. You need to be aware of which character fits your gameplay. According to the gameplay and opponents, you need to select the character so that you can survive for a long time.  

There are more than 30 characters in the free fire game that have different abilities and different ways of gameplay. For example; there is a character named Alok who is amazing in supporting the team and there is a Chrono character who is a lone warrior and can defeat the enemy solo.  

2- Know the Drops Before Landing 

There are many drops in the map of Free Fire MAX but you need to choose the correct drop spot first. As you can’t land on every spot at the same time you need to select the safer one. Try to ignore the hot drops because this drop is not supposed as a safe spot by many free-fire players.  

If you are searching for the best drop spots then try to land on that spot where you can get great loot and can get amazing weapons. You don’t need to worry because there are many spots to land by which you can increase the free fire heroic rank. You also need to be aware of whether the enemy is landing along with you. If any enemy is landing with you then try to find the shelter to hide first.  

3- Focus on Loot at the Beginning of the Battle 

A great loot can take you till the end of the match. You need to focus on loot at the beginning of the battle and also some decent weapons so that you can be able to protect yourself from enemies. Try to get the good combination of the shotgun for rushing the enemies or defending the same.  

4- Focus on Enemy While Playing  

Free fire gamers, especially beginners need to be aware while playing the match. There will be many enemies around you so if you want to survive then you will need to focus on the enemy also. Focusing on the enemies will help you to survive even more and then you can be able to increase the free fire Heroic rank Tier in Free Fire MAX.