How to Become a Free Fire Pro Player?

Garena Free Fire is the most loving game and is known for its short and intense battles. If you want to be the pro-free fire player then you need to stick into the game till the end until the last enemy dies. 

How to become a pro player

In this mobile gaming industry, Garena free fire has become the most popular game. It has the most count of downloaders on Google play store and Apple’s app store. You need to know that Garena Free Fire has now moved into esports. If you want to know how to become pro in free fire then you need to read the whole blog.

Tournaments by Free Fire

There are many events and tournaments launched by the developers of Garena free fire that are currently running all over the world. These events and tournaments have fixed prize pools that you the winner will get. 

If you want to be a pro-free fire player then you need to spend some time for the game. Many free-fire players have amazing skills and abilities. All the pro players in free fire spend their hours and hours in the practice zone then after that, they will be able to play like a pro. You need to spend your hours and hours on the boot camp for practice if you want to play like a pro. Read all the free fire pro tips below to become a pro player. 

Guide to be a Free Fire Pro Player

Choose the Best Device

If you are using a lower RAM device then you need to switch it to the highest one. You need to upgrade it to that device that is having at least 4 GB of RAM. If you are a beginner then try to first go with blue stacks or Nox Player.  

Adjust HUD at your comfort level

you can enable the fire button on the left side if you want. As you will need to use the jump and scope buttons you need to place these buttons correctly. 

Sensitivity Settings

Different sensitivity settings are used by the free fire players. Some players use it to lower and some use it to higher sensitivity settings. If you want to play like a pro then you need to choose the lower one. A lower sensitivity setting will help you to stay in the match for a long time. This setting will also allow players to play smoothly. Through the sensitivity setting, you will be able to get an amazing gameplay experience and can surprise your fellow players with your amazing gameplay. 

Try to use all Weapons during the match

You are equipped with many amazing items in the free fire game. If you have all these then try to use every weapon from shotguns to grenades. When you try all the weapons then you will be able to finalize the correct weapon that will suit your skills and can take you to the end of the match. 

Read all the blogs and try to work on your skills. If you are a beginner then try to spend more time in the boot camp of free fire so that you can practice well.

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