Free Fire Accounts Free 2022 New | Garena Account and Password

Got banned on Free Fire? Want to get the new login credentials? Here in this blog, you will be going to get some Garena Free Fire free ID and password of Facebook, Twitter, E-mail that you can use for free. 

If you got banned from Free Fire accounts for some violation or by doing things against the community terms and conditions then, first of all, you need to stop doing this mistake. Doing things against the community terms and conditions will lead you to suspension.  


This blog will now provide you with login information for Free Fire accounts, allowing you to play again. Obtaining the Garena Free Fire royale battle games free ID would be beneficial to any participant. If you don’t want to miss it, read this blog & try it on your own.

Why Players Need Free ID for Garena Free Fire 

Many players do some things which go against the community standard. This stupid thing will lead them to permanent suspension and they will not be able to subscribe again with the same ID and password. We are going to provide you with some login credentials for Garena accounts so that you can subscribe to Garena Free Fire again.  

In Garena Free Fire you will get numerous ways to get into it like Facebook, Twitter, E-mail. You can also be a part of joining in a guest mode which is free for every player. 

Garena Free Fire Free ID and Password 

1- ID- [email protected] Password- dww/0312335 

2- ID- [email protected]    Password- leg/12313123 

3- ID- [email protected] Password- not/03231232 

4- ID- [email protected] Password- bus/14312424 

5- ID-[email protected] Password- bla/32352523 

6- ID – [email protected] Password- btx/21312333 

7- ID- [email protected] Password- rap/12343244 

8- ID- [email protected] Password- clo/32131444 

9- ID- [email protected] Password- fre/23233233 

When you are signing with your new g-mail accounts then you need your phone number. Here in this blog, the g-mail IDs that I have provided you, do not need any kind of verification. You just need to use these Garena accounts credentials then you will be direct getting into the Garena Free Fire.   

E-mail IDs  

1- E- mail- [email protected] Password- worldbestfire   

2- E- mail- [email protected] Password- coolrick666   

3- E- mail- [email protected] Password- 18954515421   

4- E- mail- [email protected] Password- imperfect123   

5- E- mail- [email protected] Password- 12332123a   

6- E- mail- [email protected] Password- notabadboy1   

7- E- mail- [email protected] Password- perez200   

8- E- mail- [email protected] Password- waroffreefire1   

9- E- [email protected] Password- 324242/www   

10- E- mail- [email protected] Password- vipcocaccacco   

11- E- mail- [email protected] Password- freefireonfire   

12- E- mail- [email protected] Password- prouserfree   

13- E- mail- [email protected] Password- www/8455   

Facebook Login Credentials  

1- +12057835764 Password-yusuf2005  

2- +12097557566 Password6485545gg  

3- +12095757566 Password-goha4905  

4- 18087878878 Password-agit2131  

5- +12089687877 Passwordlinda552145  

6- +12089787878 Password-0234412abc  

If you are using these Free og accounts email and Password then you will get amazing rewards in your game mail section like gun skins, amazing weapons, diamonds, and much more. Sign-in into Garena Free Fire by using these credentials and avail of so many exciting rewards. Just read all the credentials carefully and paste them into the text box of Garena free fire to sign in.