Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass Pre-Order Price, Theme, and Exclusive Reward Revealed!

Garena Free Fire releases a new Elite Pass for free fire gamers at the beginning of each month. Passes are the only way for players to obtain vanity items, which are far less expensive than purchasing them in-game.

Only a few days remain for January’s season 44 Elite pass to be completed, and pre-orders for the subsequent pass have already begun. When they purchase a pre-order of the Season 45 pass, free fire gamers will receive a special gift.

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire 45 Elite Pass 

The upcoming season of free fire 45 Elite pass will be themed on Papyrus Rebel. The pre-orders for getting the pass will start from today. If you want to acquire the pan-swan Embrace then you can get it by participating in this event. The Elite bundle will cost you 999 in-game diamonds. By the Elite bundle, the players of Garena Free Fire will get a chance to unlock 50 additional badges that require some rewards to unlock.  

The Elite pass will be available till the beginning of February month. The free fire players can upgrade the Elite pass in 499 diamonds and if you want to get the Elite bundle then it will cost 999 in-game diamond currency.  

Guide to Pre-order for Elite Pass 

If you want to get an Elite pass, then follow the given steps below: 

  • Beside the upgrade button, you will get the Elite pass section on the screen.  
  • Now you will need to click on the pre-order button.  
  • Now you need to click on the blue button for the Elite pass or bundles. 
  • When you have done all these steps then click on ok to confirm.  

You will be going to get a chance to win outfits in which the developers have confirmed the two outfits- platinum Odette Bundle and silver Rothbard bundle in free fire season 45 Elite pass.  

Read the list of all items that you will be going to get by the Elite pass- 

  • 15 Badges: Ice Feathers Hoodie 
  • 80 badges: SKS – Whirlwind Crease 
  • 100 Badges: Embrace Skyboard 
  • 125 badges: FAMAS – Whirlwind Crease 
  • 150 Badges: Swan Embrace Loot Box 
  • 180 badges: Wrapped Feathers Backpack 
  • 200 Badges: Smooth Sway emote 

If you are one of the free fire players who want to get a free fire Elite pass then you need to have some diamonds which is known as in-game currency. If you want to acquire diamonds then you need to participate in some events and tournaments that will help you to obtain diamonds.  

Through the diamonds, the player can obtain the rewards that they want. You just need to require several diamonds that you can also get by redeem code.

Get the diamonds and pre-order for the Elite pass that is currently running in a free fire with so many rewards that can amaze you. There are many badges by which you can get so many things that will be helpful in your gaming journey.