Best 10 Free Fire Elite Pass Season List 

free fire all season list

Garena Free Fire has launched so many elite passes from 2018 till yet. The developers introduced elite passes with every season that works from the beginning till the end of the month. Through the elite passes, the free-fire players will be able to achieve in-game characters, bundles, skins, and also emotes by which they can express through expressions. 

The rewards that you will be able to get in the Elite events will need some diamonds to unlock. You can join the game in some events and tournaments so that you can win some diamonds as rewards. Diamonds will help you to acquire those premium rewards. Read the free fire all season list below.

List of Elite Passes in Garena Free Fire – Free Fire All Season List

Season 1- Kitsune

This season of the elite pass was launched in 2018. This pass was the first pass of free fire that launched with amazing rewards. At that time, there were very few players who joined this because this was the first, and not many players wanted to spend the diamonds on it. As the concept was also new at that time. The elite pass has brought the Sakura blossom skin and also bundles. The players need to have 175 badges to complete this elite pass.

Season 2 Hip Hop

This season of the elite pass was launched in 2018 July. This time, many players often confuse about the pass and why they are launching. This time, the players need to have 200 badges to complete this Hip Hop season. 

Season 3 Doomsday Madness

This season of Elite pass was launched in 2018 August. in this event, the free fire went with all the doomsday. This event brought mad-max-style outfits. Therefore, the players need to have 225 badges to complete this Doomsday Madness event. 

Season 4 Royal Revelry 

This season was launched with the royal theme of free fire. This event allows the free-fire players to get the outfit and dress up as king and queen along with bundles. 

Season 5 Pirates Legend

This event was launched with the amazing pirates’ theme to the free fire game. Players got bundles and skin. Therefore, this event allows players to get hats, clothes along with amazing weapons. 

Season 6 Arcade Mayhem

This event was based on the 8-bit theme. Free Fire launches this event to bring some clothes and skins to the free-fire players. In this event, the developers had launched the pre-ordered system.

Season 7 Steampunk Revolution

In this theme, the players got some typical clothes of the European industrial revolution era along with many engines gear.

Season 8 Impulsive shock

This event was launched to bring more items than before to the free-fire players. Apart from the bundles the players got parachute skins, surfboard skins, backpacks, and more. 

Season 9 Bomb Squad

This launched event is to bring the military theme to the free-fire players. Along with the military theme, the players got pet food, permanent scar skin, M79 skin, and much more. 

Season 10 Anubis Legends

Also the launched event brings the beauty and mystery theme in the free fire game to the players. In this theme, the male character’s skin worked as Anubis known as the god of Egypt and the female skin worked as the Anuput known as the goddess of Egypt.