How to Get a Free Magic Cube in Free Fire

The free fire players have welcomed the Free fire new age campaign with happiness as it came with freebies by which players can get a chance to avail of premium items. As the calendar had already published of events by which users know many events that come with the freebies. 

ff magic cube

There is an event that has grabbed the free fire player’s attention and that is “Magic Cube Fragment Drop”. As Garena free fire has announced several modes of games by which the free fire players will be able to achieve fragments for ff magic cube. 

Guide to Obtain Magic Cube 

As you all know Magic cube is in high demand of free fire players that offer the players amazing outfits even in free. They just need to go on the redemption section of the store then they will achieve by spending in-game or real currency. 

As a result of this, many free fire players are looking to get the magic cubes even for free. We have good news for those users who are looking to get magic cubes or magic fragments even for free. 

The developers of Garena Free fire have launched the “Magic Cube Fragment Drop” event by which the free fire player will be able to get Magic cube or Magic fragments even without spending money. So, in this new age campaign, the free fire players will be able to get the magic cube or magic fragments even in free.

Through this event, the free fire players will be able to get 100 magic fragments in the match as a reward. When you win the 100 magic fragments then you can exchange them to get a single ff magic cube. 

Guide to Exchange Magic Cube Fragments for Magic Cube

Step-1 you need to go to the in-game store of Garena free fire. 

Step-2 you need to select on the redeem tab then click on the cube fragment option.

Step-3 Now select the magic cube so that you can exchange it. Now click on the exchange button. You will see a dialogue box that will appear in which you need to confirm to proceed. Click on OK to get the magic cube. 

After you did all the steps successfully then the magic cube will be credited to your gaming account. If you have magic fragments then you can use them whenever you want to obtain the magic cube from an in-game store of Garena free fire. 


You can join this event but you need to have amazing skills so that you can win the match and can achieve magic fragments. Winning the magic fragments is important because through 100 magic fragments you will be able to exchange them for magic cube bundles. 

Read the whole blog carefully so that while doing to process, you don’t need to face hassle. I have provided a simple step-by-step guide by which you can obtain a ff magic cube easily. Collect the magic fragments and grab the magic cube today.