Bin Zaid Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Guild, Income, Rank & More!

Are you familiar with Bin Zaid? I doubt there will be anyone here who hasn’t heard about him. You must know anything about him if you are a Free Fire player. Do you know who Bin Zaid is? I doubt there is anyone in this room who hasn’t heard of him. If you’re a Free Fire player, you must be familiar with him. Those who are unfamiliar with his life get ready to learn more about this well-known gaming figure.

Bin Zaid Gaming's Free Fire ID

Bin Zaid- A Free Fire Content Creator from India

Bin Zaid Gaming, based in India (Kashmir), is a well-known gaming content creator.

In the gaming world, he is a well-known Free Fire Player. He has been making Game-related videos for several years and uploading them to this YouTube account. His fan base has expanded to a significant extent since Bin uploads new and fresh content. He creates videos about games and many more that he posts to his YouTube page, capturing the attention of a large audience.

As he launched his channel, he got 1.17 million subscribers and started getting 86.86 million views in every video. He also owned the other channel in which the popularity is increasing day by day. On his new channel, he got 130 thousand subscribers. His total income of a year is $8.2k to $131.4k.

If you want to learn more about Bin Zaid Gaming’s Free Fire ID, keep reading.

Bin Zaid Free Fire ID, Guild, and Rank

Bin Zaid Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 118976298. With ID number 60765393, he is also the leader of the Season ONE guild. He is currently Heroic in Battle Ground rank and Clash Squad in Clash Squad rank.

Life Time Stats of Bin Zaid

Bin Zaid is a player that was appeared in 7936 squad games and was defeated by 2368 enemies of those matches. He got a win rate of 29.83% by fighting against 2368 enemies. He has 26519 frags at the killing-death ratio.

When we talk about the duo match, he has won 192 victories in 1279 duo matches. It is equal to a win percentage of 51.01%. He has now the highest K/D ratio of 3.79 by getting the kills of 4092 Free Fire. 

As you know, he is a famous YouTuber and uploaded his video on his Garena Free Fire match when he played 1376 solo games. He played 1376 solo games and defeat 209 enemies. This result is proving that he really has amazing skills and strategies that’s why he is an amazing player.

About His ff Gaming

He fought with 209 enemies Garena Free Fire and won the solo games of 1376. He increased his win ratio to 15.18%. By this period, he got 4859 kills and set the K/D ratio of 4.16.

Ranking Stats of Bin Zaid

In this running season of Free Fire, Bin Zaid has participated in 156 squad games in which he has beaten with the remaining 29. He converted himself to a win percentage of 18.58%. He has collected 545 kills in the match and set his K/D ratio to 4.29.

He has played in four duet matches and performed admirably each time. He battles well, and he has a 25.00 percent win record. With a K/D ratio of 3.00, he has a total of nine frags. Now he has appeared in seven solo games and with a total of 44 kills. He’s kept his K/D ratio at 6.29.