Best Sniper Rifles in Free Fire (2022)

Garena Free Fire offers a bunch of weapons to the free fire players that they can use at the battleground. The Sniper in free fire is one of them which is used for long-range attacks. This gun can give a powerful strike to the opponents whether they are on the extreme side or the other side of the map. As these guns are high-powered so these may not be for near-range situations or enemy attacks. If you are looking for a gun for high-range attacks then this gun will be going to be very useful in your entire gaming journey. 

In this game, the players will get amazing weapons like SMGs, Sniper Rifles, ARS, Shotguns, and much more. Each weapon has an amazing ability by which you can easily face the enemy. 

snipers in free fire


List of Free Fire Sniper Rifles 

Read the list below in which you will be going to know about Sniper Rifles in Free Fire. 

1- KAR 98K 

KAR 98K Rifle

If you have played the battle Royale game then you will be familiar easily with this Bolt Action Rifle. You can use this gun at the loot sites for better loot and also you can use this to crash on airdrops. This gun has a pre-attached 8x scope and will cause high damage on each shot.  

2- AWM 

AWM Rifle

This is a high-damage rifle that you can get by the airdrops. You need to use sniper ammo in this rifle. The stats that this rifle delivers are Kar98k. You can reload this rifle faster and can get a chance to increase the magazine’s growth. This rifle is a small upgraded variant of Kar98k. 

3- M82B 

M82B Rifle

When you have this rifle then you will get to see that this rifle supports only the silencer attachment and it will provide you with the lowest movement speed. Have you ever heard about Gloo walls? Yes! This rifle has a special ability that it can easily destroy the Gloo walls. This can get a great shock to the opponents when you are having this.  

4- VSS 

VSS Rifle

This Rifle is not considered a powerful rifle by the Garena Free fire players. This gun can release minimal effect and is unable to do the high damage. You will get this Rifle at 4x scope along with a silencer that is enough to kill the opponent. This gun is a little effective but if you are using this at the beginning of the match then it will be a great choice.  

5- SKS 

snipers in free fire
SKS Rifle

This is the long-range and most powerful gun in the free fire. This gun can be used in a long-range fight. If you are a beginner then you need to understand each thing about this rifle first to be the best sniper player in free fire. This rifle can be ideal for beginners.  

These were all the Sniper Rifles that the free-fire players can use in the Royale battleground. So, gamers, check out these rifles and engage in some intense gaming.