The Best Male Character in Free Fire 2020

Garena Free Fire is a popular title in the mobile royale battle game. This title has a massive collection of amazing characters that have amazing abilities. Here in this blog, we are going to reveal the top 5 best male characters in the free fire. 

Till now, the developers of free fire have introduced more than 40 in-game characters. these characters are supported with unique abilities. And will assist the free fire players to fight on the battlefield. 

best male character in free fire 2020

The free fire players will get the active and passive abilities that they can choose according to the situation that they will face on the battlefield. Let’s take a look at the list of the best male character in free fire 2020. 

List of 5 Male Characters

Read the list of the 5 best male characters. You will be able to get amazing assistance in the free fire battleground.

1- Skyler with Riptide Rhythm

In the free fire clash squad modes, the free fire player can use this useful character to play well by his ability. His amazing ability is known as “Riptide Rhythm” that will produce a wave by which the player will be able to destroy the Gloo walls easily and make the opponent uncovered. You can use the ability of this character in both battle royale and clash squad modes. This character is mainly used for the aggressive fights by the free fire players.

2- Dimitri with Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri’s character is existing in real life also. He is a sound tech engineer who loves to watch action movies in his free time. The active ability of this free fire character is “Healing Heartbeat”. At the base level of the match. This character will create an aura of 3.5m around the player that will work to heal the player. The free fire player along with their teammates will be able to recover 3 Health points. 

3- Wukong with Camouflage

Wukong is a free fire in-game character along with the special ability that is called “Camouflage”. This character was launched along with the OB27 update. This character will transform the player into the bush for 10 seconds. The player will be able to get the cooldown time of 250 seconds.

4- DJ Alok with Drop the Beat

Dj Alok, the most famous free fire character along with the special ability called “Drop the Beat”. This character is very famous among the free fire players. The ability of this character will build the 5-meter zone that will increase the speed of movement of the player by 15 percent.

5- K with Master of all

This is a free fire character that can purchase by the in-game store. The special ability of this character is called “Master of all”. By his amazing ability, this character will boost the Max EP by 50. The cooldown mode will work for 3 seconds only. 

These are best male character in free fire 2020 by which free fire players can choose to get the best assistance for the royale battle or clash squad modes.