All You Need About Rafael Character in Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire includes a plethora of in-game characters that free fire players can make use of. These players are backed up by incredible powers that will blow your mind. Any player, if they know how to use their gaming abilities correctly, can get to the finish of the battle.

If you are a free fire player, you should be familiar with all of the characters so that you can play like an expert. Rafael is one of the amazing filtered characters in free fire. He can be your best friend throughout your game trip. Read the entire blog to learn everything from beginning to end.

rafael character in free fire

Why do you need Rafael in your game? 

1- No Cooldown Time 

When it comes to Rafael in free fire, this character features a plethora of great talents that will be adequate to fight the opponent on the battlefield. He will use his powers to empower the passive players. This will help you reduce the enemy’s health points faster and will also have an effect on the silencer.

There are no time constraints. If you are on the battlefield and have this character, you can employ it as needed.

2- HP Loss 

In any match, free-fire players depend primarily on their health. You’re in the fight but you won’t be able to live without good HP. When you have Rafael in free fire mode, you will be able to fast recover health points after being hit by your opponents.

When you have Rafael and hit an adversary with it, the enemy will suffer a 20% quicker HP loss. On each hit, you will be able to increase your percentage to 45 at the highest level. As the enemy’s HP is depleted, they will be redirected to the elimination phase.

3- Passive Playstyle 

Instead of aggressive play, this character is better suited for passive players to use with a moderate playstyle. This character may be slow, but he will be incredibly efficient against his opponents.

The silencer will let you remain hidden and aim the shot at your opponent without him noticing it. So, if you don’t have any other in-game things but have this character, you’ll be fine in the royale battleground.

If you want to receive Rafael in free fire, you must purchase some in-game currency at the gaming store. This wonderful character will cost you 8000 gold coins. You can buy gold in exchange for real dollars, or if you can’t afford it, you can win it as a prize in events or tournaments.