Aditech’s Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D Ratio & Headshots

Aditech Free Fire ID

Aditech is an amazing free-fire player who keeps impressing every free-fire player with his amazing gaming skills. He is known as the most popular content creator and produces the gaming videos that are uploaded on YouTube channels by him. 

Many free-fire players are still unaware of his YouTube channel. They must be surprised to know that the creator behind the Aditech YouTube Channel is he himself. Along with gaming, he collects the popularity on his currently running YouTube channel that has more than 4.35 million subscribers. 

By playing free fire games amazingly, he collects unique and fresh content and uploads on his channel that attracted more than 399.39 million views which are appreciated. 

Aditech Free Fire ID & Real Name

Aditech is famous in the free-fire world by his nickname and there are many players including some fans of him who are still unaware of his real name. His real name is Atharvaditya Singh Rao. 

Aditech Free Fire ID: 779084851

Aditech’s Free Fire Stats

He has participated in 5318 squad matches and completed the first-place by 2238. That is converting his win percentage to 42.08%. Then, he got 13891 kills along with 4366 headshots which helps him in maintaining the kills to death ratio to 4.51 and 31.43 percent. 

He had also participated in the duo modes in which he played in 2232 and got the victory by 217 that is converting his win percentage to 9.72 percent. He set the Kills death ratio of 2.16 by getting the kills score of 4347. At the rate of 36.28 percent, he got the headshots of 1577.

At the final, he has featured in the 2036 solo match in which he won by 211 that is converting the victory percentage of him by 10.36 percent. He set the kills to death ratio to 2.07 by getting the kills of 2775. He set the kills to death ratio for a headshot of 41.25 percent by getting the headshot number of 1557. 

In the current season, Aditech was appeared in the 113 squad modes in which he has unbeaten by 52 that is converting his win percentage to 46.01 percent. He set the kills to death ratio of 5.64 by getting the kills number of 344. He also got the 114 headshots by which he set the kills to death ratios to 33.14 percent. 


This amazing free-fire player has played in a total of four duo matches in which he has secured three kills. It helped him to convert the kills to death ratio to 0.75. in these duo matches, he also got two headshots that converted his kills to death ratio to 66.67 percent. 

These are all the information from Aditech free fire id to his gaming stats. All you need is to know if you are a fan of him. If you want to see his gaming videos to improve your gaming skills then you can visit his YouTube channel. I have provided the name of his channel that you can paste into the search bar of the YouTube application.