5 Best Free Fire Character Abilities for Long-Ranged Fights after OB32 Update!

When it comes to long-range battles, the match will be more difficult to win for the free-fire player. Sometimes many pro players know the amazing strategies but still, they face hurdles while playing the game. To gain a better understanding of the match, the player must comprehend the entire figure.

If you’re going to land in the fighting zone, don’t do it without a plan. When you are going to land on the battleground, plan a smart strategy and bring enough stuff to help you in your gaming journey.

You can’t forget to carry the items and weapons when you are going for battle but also you need to take care of the character. The character plays an important part in the free-fire world. For example; if you are fighting with the enemy and lose the HP for any reason the in-game characters can help you to boost your HP point. You need to remember that HP plays a major part in the game for free fire players.  

If you are making a strategy then include the best character that suits you in your strategy list. Along with the weapon, the in-game characters are also an important part of your gaming journey.  

5 Spectacular Characters of free fire  

1- Laura: known as a sharpshooter 

When the free fire players use the scope then the accuracy will be increased to 10 percent. If you want to hit your target most of the time then this character will be the best choice. This character allows the free fire player to hit for most of the time by increasing in aiming the accuracy. 

2- Chrono: also known as time turner 

Creates an impenetrable force field that can deal 800 damage for four seconds. This character allows the free-fire player to build a temporary shield to protect themselves and can recover the HP.  

3- Rafael: also known as dead silent 

When you use the sniper then it will create the silence effect that will let the enemy be unaware of it. If the enemy is unaware of it then it will be easy to aim the shot.  

4- Jota: also known as sustained raids 

If you are being hit by the enemy then this character will be going to help you in giving you 10% HP.  

5- Alok- also known as Drop the Beat 

If you are using this character then you will be able to boost your speed by 10%. You will also be able to increase your Health point by 10%. Using the ability of this character in free fire OB32 will be very helpful for you in the entire gaming journey.  These are the top 5 Garena free fire characters that you can use in any event or tournament. You just need to read this blog carefully and collect some in-game currency so that you can buy these characters from the in-game store.