The Official Announcement of the Free Fire x Anitta collaboration: A New Character in Free Fire!   

Garena keeps releasing fantastic updates for Free Fire Players. Gamers will notice a new character in Free Fire. Yes, Anitta’s partnership with Garena Free Fire will be visible to players. The characters in Free Fire are incredibly popular all over the world because they look fantastic and have incredible skills. Previously, the players received the excellent Free Fire collaboration with the BTS community, in which they received not only one but seven fantastic characters. Want to learn more about the official announcement of the Free Fire x Anitta collaboration? Everything is detailed here.

New Character in Free Fire

About Anitta X Free Fire Collaboration

Garena Free Fire has worked with numerous well-known people. With the launch of each partnership, the players received in-game personas based on their real-life personalities. A few months ago, the players received a massive partnership in which we saw Free Fire collaborate with the BTS community, which was a significant improvement to the game.

In terms of the current partnership, Anitta X Free Fire, this update will be available soon to serve the game’s fantastic female character. However, this collaboration was announced on May 2022 but Free Fire Players will be able to see the partnership on 25 May 2022. Along with the new character, the players will see new events, collectibles, a few rewards, and also an amazing song. Scroll down and know everything about Anitta’s partnership.

Real Life of Anitta in Garena Free Fire  

New Character in Free Fire

Anitta is a real-life personality who became acquainted with Garena Free Fire and introduced the game’s new character. When it comes to her real name, her parents gave her the lovely name Larissa de Macedo Machado. She is an exceptional woman because she is juggling so many responsibilities. She is a successful businesswoman as well as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress.    

The Major Impact Expected to Show Up in the Game

Free Fire players like the updates because they give them numerous advantages. A single change to the game can have far-reaching consequences for other players. We are all aware that people from all around the world participate in various battle royale games. In terms of overall subscribers, Free Fire has a significant fan base when compared to other battle royale games.  

Undoubtedly, Free Fire has a huge fan following except PUBG because PUBG is unavailable now in India and we can get access to just Garena Free Fire and its enhanced version. Now after the collaboration with Anitta, players will see the latest addition to the game. So, do you want to know about the new addition to the game after the Anitta X Free Fire collaboration? Continue reading…

New Additions to the Free Fire After Anitta Collaboration  
  1. The Mistress Avatar
  2. The Mistress costume and 900 Universal Fragments are included.
  3. The Mistress Deluxe Pack
  4. The Mistress character
  5. The Mistress’s outfit
  6. The powerful woman’s outfit from The Boss

Like always, the Garena Free Fire is now ready to serve you the latest addition to the game which is a new female character. The OB34 update is also a new update which is added recently. At the arrival of this update, the players saw many new changes to the game with the addition of some new features, pets, and also pet skins. Now, players can access the new character as well. Users will have a variety of options for obtaining this character in the near future, as detailed in my other post.

So, this is the information that you should know about the Anitta X Free Fire collaboration. If you want to know how to obtain it, you will need to wait for my next post. Thanks for reading it.