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Free Fire releases OB updates roughly every two months or so. Game servers are frequently unavailable during updates; however, users can get game updates from the Play Store or App Store afterward. This OB33 update, on the other hand, was not the same as the standard OB update. Read below and know everything about the OB33 update from the Free Fire OB33 update size to the method of downloading it.  

Free Fire OB33 update size

Developers verify the functioning of Free fire with a unique test server as the “advanced server,” which includes the game, for each new edition. The OB33 update followed the same structure, and OB33 Advanced Server was released for download in March 2022.  

Due to constraints, Free Fire is no longer accessible on the Play Store or App Store. On the Google Play Store, only the Free Fire Max edition is available. Furthermore, for optimal performance, the Max Edition demands high-end hardware. As a result, gamers want to know how to get the most recent version of Free Fire as quickly as possible. This post will provide you with all the information you need to get the most recent version of Free Fire 2022.  

Size of Garena FF OB33 Update  

Garena will close down services for maintenance at around half the time of the day as the new month arrives, as well as deploy the current Free Fire OB33 upgrade on the networks at the same time. Weapon balancing modifications, a new piece of equipment called the Charge Buster, a new Clash Squad map, and numerous other minor changes, are all included in this version.   

The game’s OB33 edition is soon here, and also the general public is excited. The Free Fire OB33 update size will be around 400 and 500 MB in size for Android devices, as predicted. As a result, users must ensure that their devices have sufficient storage capacity.  

Free Fire 2022 OB33 Latest Version Download  

What is the FF OB33 Download for Android Garena Free Fire MOD? This means that the game will have plenty of options for testing in the future. Garena Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game, beating out competitors such as Fortnite and PUBG, as well as an action-packed interactive game with a diverse weapon arsenal. The participants’ main goal is to eliminate as many competitors as possible, and the game is won by the person who stays longer.  

OB33 Advanced Server upgraded several character powers, including A124, Steffi, and others, in full or in part. In addition, the game will feature a new mystery character “Kenta,” whose identity has finally reveal.  

Players will also have access to a gun that can swap between shooting modes. The G36 is an excellent weapon for both long- and short-range fighting. Each of the game’s assault and range modes has its own set of metrics. The list of 23 more Free Fire weapons upgrades with the OB33 release. In addition, the M1887, one of the most popular weapons, will be available with the updated M1887-X.  

How to Get Free Fire 2022 OB33 Latest Version?  

Here’s how to acquire the most recent version of Free Fire.  

Step 1: Go to the FF Garena official website.  

Step 2: Hover over “APK Download” and “Free Fire Download” on the main page to see two alternatives.  

Step 3: Choose a download method and confirm your selection. You will get an alert when the download begins. Install the game after it has been downloaded and you are ready to play.  

There’s no need to worry about ID restrictions because this is a direct download link from the Garena website. However, not all of the improvements to OB33 Advanced Server implement in the most recent version.