Check out the top 3 free Fire pets to use with Xayne!   

Free Fire Pets

There is a vast collection in Garena Free Fire in which the developers have added so many in-game things like Pets, Characters, Weapons, and much more. Pet is the most crucial part of the Free Fire world that many players have used from beginners to the pro players. Free Fire players love to use them because these kinds of in-game items are supported with amazing abilities that are enough for your survival till the end of the match. If you have never used a pet in Garena Free Fire or if you want the best Free Fire Pets combination to use with Xayne in-game character then you are at the right place. Check out the details given below.   

What Are Pets in Free Fire?  

As I already mentioned in the above section Pets in Free Fire are the most important part. If you just have the character on the battlefield and you do have not the additional in-game items such as weapons and other items then you can use pets in your favor. Via pets, you will be able to make your Free Fire Character’s power double. With the help of Free Fire Pets, you will be able to fight with a group of opponents even alone. Check out the list of pet combinations to use with Xayne.   

List of Top Pets to Use with Xayne Character  

1- Agent Hop  

We have Agent Hop at the first position because this character is most effective in comparison to the pets that I have listed below. With the help of this Free Fire Pet, every Free Fire Player will be able to obtain the 30 EP even each time the zone when shrinks. The amazing part is, that the EP that you will get by this Free Fire Pet will convert into HP if you want. This pet will also work as a medkit that will be very helpful in your entire gaming journey.   

2- Rockie  

The Rockie Pet took place at the second position in the list because his skill is considered cool and amazing by many pro players of Free Fire. With the help of this Free Fire Pet, any player will be able to reduce the cooldown time of any items that act as active. We all are aware that the ability of the Xayne will help you to get the cooldown time by 150 seconds. If you are using this pet, the cooldown time will become more.   

3- Sensei Tig  

The ability of the Xayne Character in Free Fire is amazing. On the other hand, this Free Fire Pet will serve you great assistance like other amazing Free Fire Pet. If you are searching for a pet that can give you the maximum HP then you don’t need to search for more. Just use this Free Fire Pet and then you will be able to compare the quality of this pet to other pets of Free Fire. This Free Fire Pet will provide you the maximum Health Points even with the great protection against the gloo walls. This Free Fire Pet is a female pet in the game but is known as the master of other Pets in Free Fire.   

These are the top three free Fire pets for usage with Xayne. So, how do you feel about our pet list? Do our decisions pique your interest? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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