5 best Free Fire MAX skins costumes to get with diamonds in 2022   

When it comes to Garena free fire max then you will get to see so many amazing things like characters, weapons, skins, and also much more. All these items have an amazing ability that can save your gameplay in many situations. As you can get so many varieties that means you can choose different items according to the situation on the battlefield. When it comes to free fire max characters, you can combine them with other pets and characters to make their power double. If you are using weapons then you can go up with the skin costumes that can enhance the power of your weapon even more than before.   

Free Fire Max Skins

You all know that obtaining any items and also characters that are premium in free fire max will need the required number of diamonds. Without the real or virtual currency, the player will not be able to obtain any item from the in-game store of free fire max. In today’s blog, we will be going to discuss the top skin costumes that you can easily buy in exchange for diamonds from in-game stores. You can win the skin from some sort of event but unlocking it will need some required number of diamonds. To know everything related to skin costumes, you will need to stay tuned with me right here.   

List of Skin Costumes to Obtain by Diamonds  

1- Dynastic Warlord  

When we talk about this outfit then this outfit can be used for the character only. When you use this skin then your character will appear like a king. This skin will help your character to get a king-like appearance that can let a great impact on the opponents. First, you will need to collect some required number of diamonds then you can purchase them or unlock them from the in-game store or your in-game mail section. To purchase this skin costume, you will need to have 899 diamonds.   

2- Dawnlit Hitman Costume  

To get this skin costume, you will need to visit the diamond royale section where you can see this Dawnlit Hitman Costume skin. There is a trick to obtaining this skin. Have you ever tried the spinning trick? If not then you can search for it over the internet then you will get the simple and easy method to use the spinning trick. With each spin with the help of diamonds, the Dawnlit Hitman Costume skin will directly be transferred into your game-mail section. From the game-mail section, you can open this reward easily even without facing any sort of hurdle. You will need to have 600 diamonds for purchasing from the in-game store directly.   

3- Guardian Angel  

This Guardian Angel skin has a cool look which will help your character to appear as unique in comparison to the other players. Try to collect 499 diamonds if you want to purchase this skin from the in-game store directly.   

4- Heart Devil  

Heart Devil costume skin can be used for the female character only. This skin has a bold and western look which can attract the focus of so many players. You will need to have 499 diamonds in your gaming account to purchase this skin.   

5- White Eagle  

White Eagle skin can use for the male characters in free fire max. This costume is white that will cover the body of the character from his toes to noes. To obtain this skin costume, the free fire max player will need to spend 899 diamonds.