Best Free Fire MAX Character Combos for Rank Push? 

Characters in Free Fire Max are one of the incredible creations that Garena introduced to the game. Any player can easily win the game with the help of the Free Fire Max characters only if they know how to use them correctly. So, do you want to gain the FF Max Characters Combination to help you for ranks push? In the offered post, you will find wonderful characters with extraordinary powers. Check this out:

Free Fire Max

Undoubtedly, the Free Fire Max characters are the most arguably aspects of the Free Fire Max players for the rank push. We all know the importance of the gaming characters but have you ever used them in the combo? You read it right! There is a trend going on in the game in which the players are now using the characters along with the combination. To know everything about the character combination, check out the complete guide below.   

Why are Free Fire Max players using the Characters in Combinations?   

Nowadays, Free Fire Max players love to use the in-game characters in the combination because the combination will allow you to make the power double your character. Getting the double power will easily allow you to get more kills and then you will get the highest K/D ratio. As you know that the overall performance of the Free Fire Max player can be calculated by the gaming stats in which the highest Kills to Death ratio is a must. If you want to increase the K/D ratio like the other pro players then check out the given FF Max Characters combination below.   

List of Top FF Max Character Combination for Rank Push  

1- K + Miguel + Dasha + Shirou  

About K Character  
Free Fire Max

K is a character that is available in Free Fire and Free Fire Max both. This character is supported by a master of all abilities which is impressive. With the help of the ability of this character, you will be able to increase the EP level by 50 percent, and then it can be converted into the HP later.   

About Miguel Character  
Free Fire Max

Miguel is also available in the previous and the enhanced version of Free Fire. This FF Max character has Crazy Slayer ability. By using the ability of this character, the FF Max player will be able to get the 30 percent of EP on each kill.   

About Dasha Character  
Free Fire Max

Dasha is a female FF Max Character with Partying On ability. This in-game character will allow the Free Fire Max player to decrease the fall-related damage by 30 percent. You will also be able to reduce the maximum recoil by 6 percent.   

About Shirou Character  
Free Fire Max

This character has a Damage Delivered ability that will help you to activate the ability when the foes make a target on you within the 80m of range. If you are using this character along with K then you will be able to get more HP.   

2- Alok + Moco + Jai + Luqueta  

About Alok Character  
Free Fire Max

Alok is the most loving character in Free Fire Max. Most of the players prefer Alok most because of his incredible ability. This character has to Drop the Beat ability which helps you to generate the 5m aura. The 5m aura will allow you to boost the movement speed by 10 percent.   

About Moco Character  
Free Fire Max

This character has Hacker’s eye ability which helps you to tag the enemy for 2 seconds. Before hitting the opponents, you will be able to track the location of the foes from a very long distance.   

About Jai Character  
Free Fire Max

When you hit the opponent then you will be able to activate the ability of this FF Max character. This character is supported with the Raging Reload ability which helps you to activate the magazine of the weapon by 30 percent.   

About Luqueta Character  
Free Fire Max

The Luqueta Character in FF Max has Hat Trick ability which allows you to get the 10 percent of HP on each kill. As you all know the HP is the most important part of the game. Use this character along with Alok and get a big advantage on the battlefield.   

These are two Top Characters combinations of Free Fire Max that will allow you to gain more power while having the battle on the battlefield. Before using these characters, don’t forget to read out the abilities of the given FF Max Characters.