What Will You Find in the Free Fire MAX India Mystery Shop?   

The Free Fire Max players will be happy to know that their favorite battle royale title is back with the amazing mystery shop. A Mystery Shop is a shop in Garena Free Fire Max that will allow the players to obtain many exclusive rewards such as skins, characters, bundles, weapons, and much more. If you want to use the Mystery Shop in Free Fire Max then check out this post and know which items are available to purchase.     

Mystery Shop

Do you know why Mystery Shop is famous in Free Fire Max? Many players are loving the mystery shop because it is giving huge discounts to players. For non-spending players, I got this big news that the Garena has offered a maximum discount of 90 percent.   

As you can get a discount of 90 percent on some items which means that some items can be obtained by just giving the 10 percent of the total amount. Want to know everything about the Free Fire Max Mystery Shop? Read the details written below.  

What is Mystery Shop and Why do Many Players Prefer to use this?  

We all know that many players are unable to obtain the in-game items just because of their poor financial condition. For supporting those players, the Garena launched so many ways by which they can avail of any desirable item even without spending money. If you are also a non-spending player and want to obtain your favorite in-game item then the Mystery Shop will be the perfect place for you.   

Instead of purchasing the items from the in-game shop, the players can use the Mystery Shop to purchase the item where they can get a huge discount on every item. Every item has different discount packages which means you will need to pay a different amount but less in comparison to the actual price.   

When you visit the Mystery Shop in Free Fire Max, you will be able to see so many in-game items like bundles, skins, characters, and much more that can boost the power of your character and can give you an amazing gameplay experience.   

Which Items are Available in the Mystery Shop?  

Mystery Shop

This Shop in Free Fire Max is supported with so many in-game items that are very expensive to purchase at the actual price. If you want to add the premiums to your in-game account so that you can use them over the battlefield then you don’t need to bother yourself anymore. If you want your solution then don’t forget to read the list below where I have mentioned every item that is available in this shop.  

List of Items;  

1- Ezio Auditore Outfit Bundle will need 899 diamonds.  

2- The incubator Voucher will need 40 diamonds.  

3- Predatory Cobra Token Box 1 will need 40 diamonds.  

4- K Character will need 699 diamonds.  

5- Professor Bundle of K will need 1199 diamonds.  

6- Fragment Loot Crate of K will need 25 diamonds.  

7- Beaston will need 699 diamonds.  

8- Show off will need 299 diamonds.  

9- Flaming Hydra will need 899 diamonds.  

10- Legendary Cobra will need 499 diamonds.  

11- Cobra Surfboard will need 399 diamonds.  

12- The Silver Assassin will need 300 diamonds.  

12- Diamond Royale Voucher will need 60 diamonds.  

13- Pet Food will need 20 diamonds.  

These are all of the items in the Free Fire Max Mystery Shop that any player can buy at a big discount. That’s it for this post! Keep an eye out for the latest Free Fire news and updates.