Who has more Players PUBG or Free Fire?   

Garena Free Fire and PUBG are the two most popular battle royale titles but unfortunately, these applications got banned on the Indian server. As we all know that these applications are not available in India but they are still in competition with the players around the world. Many players are tries to compare these games and build their results according to their exploration. However, a large number of players are still unaware of every feature of these popular battle royale games. If you are curious to know which game has a greater number of players in Free Fire vs PUBG then read the given comparison below.  

PUBG vs Free Fire

Unfortunately, these games are not available in India but Garena has created the enhanced version of Free Fire that is still available on the Google Play Store for Indian players. PUBG of the Indian version is also available on Google Play Store which is very similar to the previous gaming application.   

The Similarities in PUBG vs Free Fire  

We all know that both PUBG and Free Fire belong to the battle royale genre. When it comes to identifying the similarities, you will not be going to face difficulties. Both games have a battle royale title. Many weapons in these games are very similar to each other. Many players will be happy to know that both games have multiplayer and also a single-player mode.   

Which Game has more Downloads?  

In this section, we will help you in knowing which game has a greater number of players or more downloads in Free fire vs PUBG. We all are aware of all the features of these games and also the style of the gameplay in these applications. When you search over the internet, you will get the result of a total number of players for Free Fire is 24 million and more than 730 million downloads on PUBG. Why does Free Fire still don’t have players like PUBG? If this question is running into your mind, then you are at the right place. According to the browsing application, PUBG has more players in comparison to the Garena Free Fire Game.   

Why does PUBG have more Players Than Free Fire?  

To let yourself know about this, you can make a comparison between these popular battle royale games. In simple words, PUBG is older than Garena Free Fire that’s why many players prefer to play PUBG more. We know that both games have many similarities but there are some differences too. Talking about the graphics, PUBG has better graphics that is presenting the game and in-game features realistic. Undoubtedly, Garena free fire has more items in comparison to the PUBG but this game has no better graphics than PUBG.   

Like other games, PUBG is a game that does not end in just 10 minutes. In PUBG, players will be able to play a single match for about half an hour. The vehicles are more advanced in the PUBG game but this feature is lacking in Garena Free Fire features. Getting a great loot in Garena Free Fire can be tough but players will get more opportunities to get the great loot in PUBG. The developers of PUBG Game also keep updating redemption codes for PUBG like Garena Free Fire on the daily basis. So, these are the reasons that PUBG has more players in comparison to Garena Free Fire.