Who is the best Free Fire MAX character in 2022? Alok vs Maro  

There are so many free fire amazing characters in which we have DJ Alok, Maro, and D-bee over the top list. When it comes to best free fire characters, a good player will not be going to take the risk for his gameplay. Free Fire game depends on the choice of a player that he made whether it is for choosing a character or any in-game items. The best ability of free fire character will help you to shape the outcome on the battlefield. Know who is the best free fire MAX Character in Alok vs Maro.   

Alok vs Maro

Purchasing free fire characters is not a tough task but you need to use them in the right way. Free fire characters are supported with amazing abilities that players can during the fight against the opponent. The ability of free fire characters will help you to be the last standing player in the match. As you all know that Garena free fire characters play an important part in the battle royale game. To know about the best free fire MAX character in 2022 in Alok vs Maro, you need to read the further details given below.   

The ability of DJ Alok in Free Fire  

DJ Alok has the “Drop the Beat” ability in the free fire. This ability of DJ Alok will allow you to protect your teammate during combat. When you will activate DJ Alok free fire character then it will increase the movement speed by 15 percent. You will also be able to get the healing support by getting 5 health points per second. You will be able to use the ability of DJ Alok for 10 seconds when you activated it. After the activation of DJ Alok ability, players will get 45 seconds to cool down.   

Free Fire DJ Alok in Combat  

The ability will be very useful while playing with a Squad in Battleground. This ability will be very suitable for the free fire players who prefer to play solo. However, free fire players will not be going to get combat bonuses.   

The ability of Maro in Free Fire  

Maro is a free fire character that has “Falcon Fervor” ability. Through the ability of Maro, free fire players will be able to deal with more damages that will take place from the long-distance. The damage will increase by 25 percent at a far distance.   

Free Fire Maro in Combat  

The ability of Maro will be very suitable for the free fire MAX players who want to keep a safe distance while engaging with the foes during the battle. The Falcon Fervor ability of Maro can utilize for the players who love using ARs during the battle at the battlefield. Maro will work amazingly with Rifles. When you have Maro in the match and you are using Rifles then you will be able to take down the foes even in one shot if you can use it accurately.   

In terms of capabilities during the combat in Alok vs Maro, Maro is the better character for the battleground. Maro will allow free fire players to deal with extra damage at a long distance.