Check Out Saroj Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and Monthly Income!   

In the gaming world, there are many games to choose from. Following the PUBG ban, the Garena Free Fire game was ranked first on the Google Play Store. But as time passes, Garena Free Fire battle royale has become the most popular game among gamers. The game gives HD quality graphics even on low-end smartphones due to its compelling dynamics. So, it becomes more appealing to the youngster.

So, in today’s post, we’ll talk about the well-known player Saroj Gamer Free Fire. We’ll also include his Free Fire ID, statistics, and monthly income! Before going any further, do you know who Saroj Gamer is? If not, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about him.

Saroj Gamer Free Fire

Have you ever tried to know everything about at least one famous personality in this battle royale title? To let you know about the famoHave you ever tried to learn everything there is to know about at least one renowned character in this battle royale game? Well, I’m going to provide you all the necessary information on the “Saroj Gamer” so you can learn about the game’s famous personality. Saroj Gamer is a well-known figure in the game who has played and won numerous matches. So, we will be discussing Saroj’s real name, gaming statistics, his YouTube channel, and much more. Keep reading…

What is the Real Name of Saroj Gamer?  

As we all know that there are many amazing personalities available in the game. Such amazing personalities not only got fame by just playing the game but also, they are earning money by recording and uploading their videos for the viewers. All the famous players don’t prefer to use their real names in the game and also they use the other name by which they can be able to stay away from the crowd of common names. Similar to this, Saroj Gamer is famous in the game with the name of Saroj Gamer but he is known in the real life as “Saroj” only. According to his social media handles, there is no other name of his by which he is known in the real life.  

What is the Free Fire ID of Saroj Gamer?  

Garena Free Fire ID is a thing that is playing the role of the identity of a player. Your Free Fire ID will be your identity in the game by which the third person can identify or can search you easily. Also, with the help of Free Fire ID, you can easily search for a player to add to the squad matches. Moreover, his Free Fire ID is 1102578002.

Squad Gaming Stats of Saroj  

This prominent star participated and also completed in 3034 squad matches in which he got the victory by 360 which boosted his winning percentage by 11.86 percent. In the squad matches, he got 8857 kills by which he boosted his kills to death ratio to 3.31.  

Duo Matches Stats of Saroj  

Saroj has participated and also completed in the 5094 duo matches in which he got the winning title by 113 which boosted his winning percentage to 2.21. apart from this, he boosted his kills to death ratio by 2.29 percent by obtaining 14542 kills.   

Solo Matches Stats of Saroj  

Saroj appeared in 10621 solo matches in which he obtained the winning title by 665 which boosted his winning percentage to 6.26 percent. Talking about the Kills to Death ratio, he obtained a total number of 30452 kills boosting his K/D ratio by 3.06 percent.   

YouTube Channel and Income of Saroj Gamer  

Like other famous Free Fire Players, Saroj has also his own YouTube Channel with the name “Saroj Gamer”. By uploading his amazing and new content on his running channel, he got around 1.73 million subscribers. According to the social media sites, he is making around $2.3k to $37.3k per month.   

This thread contains all of the relevant information on the Saroj Gamer. I’ve covered everything above, from his real name to his YouTube channel. To get more updates, stay tuned with me.  

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