Find Out PVS Gaming’s free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, Monthly Income, and More!   

PVS Gaming

The Garena Free Fire is a large gaming community in the area. This game features a plethora of amazing gamers who specialize in every gaming style. Garena Free Fire is popular among players because it includes enhanced features that are appealing and eye-catching. When it comes to this game, we have a big list of incredible players but today we will discuss PVS Gaming. In today’s post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about him, from his gaming statistics to his YouTube channel. Check out the details I’ve put below if you don’t want to miss any updates.

Real Name of PVS Gaming and Free Fire ID  

Undoubtedly, PVS Gaming is one of the best Free Fire players who has collected big popularity throughout his gaming journey. His real name is Hari Raman but in the gaming world, he is famous as PVS Gaming. Apart from this, his Garena Free Fire ID is 63725581.   

Lifetime Stats of PVS Gaming  

This amazing content creator has participated in 11879 matches in which, he got the victory by 2547. When it comes to his Kills to Death ratio, he killed 31851 foes which boosted the K/D ratio to 3.40 percent.   

Talking about the duo mode, he has participated in a total number of 1007 duo matches in which, he got the victory by 164. At the end of the match, he got a total number of 2234 kills which helped him to maintain the K/D ratio by 2.65 percent.   

Apart from this, he also participated in a total number of 1175 matches in which he got the killing score of 109. In this mode of the game, he got a killing score of 3625 which helped him in boosting the K/D ratio to 3.41 percent.   

The Ranked Stats of Free Fire PVS Gaming  

Talking about the ranked season of Garena Free Fire, this player has participated in the squad matches and also played alone. By playing as alone, he got the victory and maintained the kills to death ratio by 1.00 percent.   

You probably will wonder to know that this content creator appeared for the first time in the battle royale ground ranked mode.   

YouTube Channel of FF PVS Gaming  

Running the own YouTube channel is very common nowadays but obtaining the highest number of subscribers and viewers is not the cup of tea. If you want to obtain a good number of subscribers and viewers then you should have good and unique content on your channel.   

PVS Gaming is known as Hari Raman. Anyone can view his YouTube channel, which is called “PVS Gaming.” He started his YouTube Channel in 2019 that collected a total number of 2.3 million subscribers on a single channel. Apart from this, he got 284 million views that are showing the popularity of this Free Fire Player. From the social media handles, he is earning the money around 1.8k dollars to 29.3k dollars.  

These are all information related to Free Fire PVS Gaming that every beginner should know. If you want to improve your gaming abilities, go to his YouTube channel and learn the tactics there.