Munna Bhai Free Fire| Check out the Gaming ID, Stats, K/D, Income & More!   

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena to provide players with high-quality in-game products and features. The players of Free Fire finally got something worthwhile after having this program installed on the server. What is it…? The free Fire Character!  Yes, a character with a unique ability and those who play with them become renowned. So, in today’s blog, I’ll talk about one of the gamers name “Munna Bhai” who became famous due to his gaming style.

Do you wish to learn everything there is to know about Munna Bhai Free Fire? Check out his career statistics and much more in this post.

Munna Bhai Free Fire

After a long time, the Free Fire finally got their amazing pro players who are earning a lot of money and fame by just playing the game. If you want to know about the amazing players then you should check out on browsing application by which you will also get the opportunity to learn something new.   

Munna Bhai, one of the amazing pro players of Garena Free Fire, is the one who gained fame, money, and much more in a very short period of time. If you want to learn more about him, you should read the entire informative blog right here. Through this blog, Free Fire fans will be able to learn everything there is to know about him, from his Munna Bhai Free Fire ID to their career gameplay statistics. To learn more, continue reading.

What is the Real Name and FF ID of Munna Bhai?  

Munna Bhai Free Fire

Munna Bhai is one of the amazing players who got so much in a short period. Technically, Munna Bhai is famous in the Free Fire world as Munna Bhai but when it comes to his real life, his family gave him Atchuth Sankula name. Talking about the Munna Bhai Free Fire ID, his ID is 402752655.  

The Lifetime Stats of Munna Bhai in Free Fire  

From the beginning of his professional career as a gamer, he participated in 12282 squad matches in which he got the victory by 3806. In those 12282 squad matches, he collected a total number of 49007 kills making the Kills to Death ratio of 5.78.  

Apart from this, he also participated and played in 2638 duo matches in which he achieved the victory by 650. In these matches, he added 9825 kills into his account which made the Kills to Death ratio 4.94.  

Last but not the least, Munna Bhai also played 4317 solo matches in which he got the winning title by 1123. On the other hand, he secured 19500 kills that converted the Kills to Death ratio to 6.11.  

Ranked Stats of Munna Bhai in Free Fire  

Munna Bhai completed 102 squad Free Fire matches that launched in Ranked Season 25. In these matches, he finally collected 38 booyahs. With his amazing battle, he secured 424 frags which gave him the Kills to Death ratio of 4.59.  

This amazing player also participated in the other 20 games of Free Fire in which he got the first position by three times. He killed 78 foes and got the Kills to Death ratio of 4.59.  

At last, Munna Bhai participated and completed 91 solo matches in which he won 8 times. In these matches, he got 202 kills which boosted the Kills to Death ratio to 2.43.   

The YouTube Channel of Munna Bhai Gaming  

After the banning of PUBG and the arrival of Garena Free Fire on the Indian Server, Munna Bhai decided to create his own YouTube channel in 2019. He finally did in 2019 with the name of “Munna Bhai Gaming”. The amazing part is, that this player got 2.72 million subscribers on a single channel with more than 250 million views yet.   

What is the Earning of Munna Bhai Gaming  

Munna Bhai Gaming has more than one source of Earning by just playing the Garena Free Fire Game. He did much live streaming and uploaded so much unique and fresh content on his YouTube channel. He is also collecting fame by using social media platforms. According to the social media platforms, Munna Bhai is earning a monthly income of about $2.1k to $33.4k. 

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