Know Everything about Badge 99 Free Fire ID, including statistics, K/D, YouTube Income & More!   

Hello friends, welcome to the other informative blog. In today’s topic, we are going to discuss everything about Badge 99 players. Badge 99 is an amazing Garena Free Fire content creator who got the place in top Free Fire players in a short time. Want to know Badge 99 Free Fire ID and more? Read the given blog and let yourself know everything about his gaming journey.    

Badge 99 Free Fire ID

Along with being a Free Fire player, he also got so much by just having the gameplay in this battle royale field such as name, fame, income, and much more. Obtaining great fame even in a very short time is not the cup of tea but this player proved this by showing their gaming talent to the whole audience of the Battle Royale game. This is so much to know about him and for this, you will need to have a look below.   

The Real Name and FF ID of Badge 99  

Undoubtedly, the badge 99 is a player who has many fans even from across the oceans. The main thing behind his popularity is the gaming talent and the strategic gameplay that has already blown the minds away of many gamers.   

Many players in this battle royale game prefer to watch his video before starting any gameplay so that they can construct some good ideas to be the last standing player in many matches like him. The real-life name of Badge 99 in Free Fire is Bharat Singh who belongs to Nainital, Uttarakhand which is also known as the best destination for tourists.   

Talking about the Badge 99 Free Fire ID, his Free Fire ID or UID ID is 317768081. If you are his fan then you should also know his guild name which is “HAWK BADGE”. Guild Names are the identity of a user by which they can be identified by others. If you want to know about him or you want to search his profile then you can search him by using the guild name in the Garena Free Fire application.  

Lifetime Stats of Bharat Singh in Free Fire  

Badge 99 Free Fire ID

Bharat Singh or Badge 99 participated in and completed 8719 squad matches in which he got the victory by getting a percentage of 17.51 which helped him to obtain the winning title in 1519. In a total number of 8719 matches, this player collected 23995 kills boosting his Kills Death ratio of 3.33.  

The badge 99 gamer also participated in 1151 solo matches in which he got a percentage of 7.29 by which he got the winning title in 84. By battling with many foes on the same ground, he killed 2848 of them and increase the level of the Kills to Death ratio to 2.67.  

Lastly, we are now going to discuss the Duo Stats of Badge 99. This gamer completed 2009 Duo games in which he obtained the percentage of 187 that helped him to achieve the winning title in 9.30. apart from this, having the amazing battle with the foes served him 4350 kills by which, he got the Kills to Death Ratio of 2.40.  

The YouTube Channel of Free Fire Badge 99  

As we all know that having your own YouTube channel is a must for all pro players in Garena Free Fire. This content creator launched his channel in 2016 and collected a big fanbase by having 7.35 million subscribers and 826 million views in a single channel. He is running his YouTube channel with the name “Badge 99”.   

Income of Badge 99 in Free Fire  

According to the social media platforms, Badge 99 is collecting a huge amount every month which is between $15.2k to $243.9k just from his YouTube channel.   

Badge 99 is uploading so much fresh content continuously that you can see it by visiting his YouTube channel. Moreover, you can also visit his social media profiles if you are curious to know more about him. 

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