Aditech’s FF MAX ID, stats, monthly income, real name, and more!   

Aditech is a well-known figure in the Indian Free Chimney scene, with hundreds of thousands of people, who have seen his substance fabric-based typically on the wear. His YouTube channel has recently received a lot of attention, and he has a fan base of 6.24 million people. He also has over 585.57 million views on his films. He is managed by X Community, which also manages a number of well-known YouTubers such as Gyan Gaming, AS Gaming, and Lokesh Gamer.

Aditech in Free Fire

He has also made a significant breakthrough with his gameplay videos. You’ll learn about Aditech Free Fire, age, a number of supporters, country, annual pay, genuine photo, sweetheart title, Net worth, state, organization, and a lot more. Aditech is another young Indian YouTuber from the Garena Free Fire community who is well-known for his gaming videos.

Aditech’s Free Fire MAX ID, real title, stats, and additional particulars  

Aditech’s Free Fire MAX ID is 779084851, and he goes by the name Atharvaditya Singh.

Lifetime stats  

He has 14176 murders and 4529 headshots in the mode, resulting in an Okay/D ratio of 4.49 and a headshot cost of 31.95 percent. In the meanwhile, he has competed in 2238 pair video games, winning 217 of them for a 9.69 percent win rate. Aditech has made 5412 appearances in total squad matches and has defeated his opponents in 2253, resulting in a win rate of 41.62 percent. 

In addition, the substance fabricator has annihilated his opponents in 213 of 2057 matches. It has a win rate of 10.35 percent. Throughout his career, he has amassed 3840 slaughters at an Okay/D ratio of 2.08 and 1592 headshots at a headshot cost of 41.46 percent. With 4361 frags and 1585 headshots, he maintains an Okay/D ratio of two. He received 16 points and a headshot cost of 36.34 percent.

Ranked stats  

Aditech has highlighted in a single pair coordinate while attempting on the display positioned season of Free Chimney MAX. He’s notched up eight kills with an Okay/D ratio of 8.00. He has seven headshots for an 87.50 percent success rate.

CS Profession  

The YouTuber has a total of 3171 Struggle Squad bouts to his name. He has 1426 victories, giving him a victory rate of 44.97 percent. He has 18649 slaughters with 11626 headshots, a KDA of 1.69, and also a headshot cost of 62.34 percent.

Month-to-month earnings  

According to Social Edge, Aditech’s monthly profit from his channel is between $11K and $176.6K. In comparison, his annual earnings range between $132.4K and $2.1 million.

YouTube channel  

For a long time, Atharvaditya Singh has been focused on his YouTube channel. His distinct notions and substance fabric have provided him with respectable success on stage. He has had 560 thousand endorsers and 44.147 million views in the last 30 days alone.

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