Where Can I Get Affordable Free Fire MAX diamonds in India?   

Free Fire Max Diamond is not just a diamond but it is known as an in-game or virtual currency in the Free Fire Max world. Several methods are available on your browsing application to acquire the required number of diamonds but many of them are fake.

Free Fire Max Diamond

The fake websites will promise you to give many diamonds but they just will waste your precious time and you will not be able to obtain anything from them. Want to get the genuine methods? Here in this blog, I have written useful information that is a must to know for every non-spending Free Fire Max player.   

What is the use of Free Fire Max Diamonds?  

Garena Free Fire Max Diamond is the most important aspect that every player just wants to obtain by any condition. Players can spend the virtual currency in the gaming shop and can purchase any desirable item that they want or they required. Free Fire Diamond Hack is also available over the internet but it is not considered safe to use by many pro players. instead of this, read the given details below to know the other safest method.   

However, having diamonds anytime in the gaming account is very difficult. If you want to obtain diamonds even at cheap prices then you are at the right place.

Free Fire Max Diamond

In this blog, we will be discussing the Membership program that will help you to get the diamonds at a reasonable price. Garena revised the Free Fire MAX membership structure, making it more appealing to players. According to the new structure, players can choose between weekly and monthly memberships. Each offers a few diamonds pretty quickly and the rest after multiple check-ins. The specifics are as follows:

How to Obtain Free Fire Max Diamonds at a Low Cost?  

If you want to acquire the Free Fire Max Diamond even at a low cost then you will need to follow the given steps that I have written below.  

Step-1 Open the lobby screen of Garena Free Fire Max then click on the Diamond icon that you will see at the top-right corner.   

Step-2 When you click on the diamond icon then the game will take you to the other page. On the other page, you will see the membership option.  

Step-3 Now hit the membership option.  

Step-4 On the next page, you will get to see the two options of membership in which, the first will be the weekly and the other one will be monthly.  

Step-5 Read the benefits of both offers then click on the desirable option.  

Step-6 After that, obtaining the offer will need the payment which means you have to make the payment by using the provided method.   

The membership will allow the Garena Free Fire Max players to collect some free diamonds. This will also help you to be aware of when the new rewards will be available after the daily login.   

What are the Membership Plans Available in FF Max?  

After having the page of membership plans over the screen then you will get to see two options. The first option is Weekly Membership that you can obtain in less amount. The second will be monthly membership and players will need to pay more in comparison to the weekly membership. If you want to know each detail then check out the list below.  

Weekly Membership in Free Fire Max  
  1. Players will need to pay 159 INR.  
  2. After getting the membership, players will be able to obtain 100 diamonds instantly.  
  3. The Daily login will serve you 350 diamonds as a reward.  
  4. If you are subscribing, you can add more diamonds to your account.  
Monthly Membership in Free Fire Max  
  1. Players will need to pay around 799 INR.  
  2. Obtaining membership will serve you 500 diamonds instantly.  
  3. 2,100 diamonds can be claimed by daily login as a reward.  
  4. The subscription part is not available in this membership.  

If you are getting so many Free Fire Max Diamonds by spending little amount then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your benefits right away

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