5 Top MP40 Gun Skins in Free Fire Forever  

Garena free fire is a game played by millions of gamers around the world. When it comes to the best mobile games, Garena Free Fire is undoubtedly a favorite game for almost every player. When you are in a battle royale game, the Elements of weapons are the important part for players. Without the weapons, free fire players will not be able to survive.  Stay tuned to get the top MP40 Gun Skins. 

MP40 Gun Skins

Apart from amazing guns, Garena free fire also releases the skins for guns so that players will be able to boost the ability of the guns. When it comes to MP40 gun skins, some skins are rare and players are not able to obtain them and some can be easily achieved.   

Within the game in the battleground, MP40 gun skins are the most important part for the players to survive. When you are going for the short-range battle then MP40 guns will work as your best friend by which you can fight with foes easily.  

As this gun is the fastest so choosing this gun is a work of just 1 second for many players. If you are a beginner or one of the amazing free fire players looking for the MP40 gun skins then read the remaining part to get useful information.   

Best 5 MP40 Gun Skins   

1- Crazy Bunny MP40  

This gun skin is rare which means not easy to obtain but also very popular among Garena free fire players. This gun skin was released in 2019. You will get the playful easter theme along with the design of bunnies and Easter eggs printed on it. If you want to obtain this skin then you can try the spin trick that will be going to work.   

2- New Year MP40  

You will get to see the topical theme on this skin. Along with the amazing theme, you will also be going to see so many colors over it. When you are using this gun skin then you will be able to get double damage on your foes.   

3- MP40 Flashing Spade  

This skin has the unique look that can attract so many Garena free fire players and you will get the packs a punch also. This skin can be the ideal and first choice for many players because it is good for short-range battles. Through this skin, you will be able to double up the damages and can increase the rate of fire.  

4- Slaughter MP40  

You will get to see the design of this gun skin like the blood dripping around the firearm. As this gun skin has unique look, this skin has also the power to make the damages double and also can deal with the lethal damages.   

5- Mechanical Girl  

The ability of this gun skin is opposite to look. When you are using this, you will be able to increase the damage range of the gun. You can use this for the clash squad modes also and can use it whenever you need it.