FFWS Wish Event: Get the Legendary Pirate’s Flag Emote and the FFCS Disciple Bundle!   

The Garena has created a new event in the Free Fire World Series tournament.  Many players have come here since they were unable to collect awards from earlier events, but I have some wonderful news for you. You do not need to be concerned if you did not receive the desired reward from the previous events. The FFWS Wish event has begun with the Garena. Some old cosmetics, as well as some new ones, are available at this event. So, this is going to be a fantastic chance for you. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the FFWS Wish event.

FFWS Wish event

As we all know, the Garena Free Fire developers keep pushing the Free Fire World Series tournament by some sort of event. These activities keep the tournament alive while also entertaining the players. Garena saw that many players had been unable to receive benefits from prior events, so they created the Wish event, which is now open to all participants. 

How to Obtain Pirate’s Flag and FFCS Disciple Bundle in Free Fire?  

Garena previously announced the Top-up event, in which participants can earn diamonds. The top-up event is still running, and you can acquire diamonds for INR. In my last post, I said that a single diamond top-up will set you back 200 INR. Here, too, the same rule applies. You must pay at least 200 INR at the gaming store to purchase the awards available at this event. Diamonds can also help you acquire the prize you desire.

FFWS Wish event

If you want to obtain the Pirate’s Flag Emote, FFCS Disciple Bundle, or more then you should join the Top-up event to claim the diamonds for obtaining your reward. You should know that the Free Fire World Series Wish Event is divided into two parts or prize pools. The first one will be the unique prizes and also the second one will be the Normal prizes. Read on to learn more about the two types of prize pools available for the FFWS Wish Event.

1- Unique Prizes  

  • FFWC Backpack  
  • The Dark Knight  
  • FFCS 2020 Rocket Loot Box  
  • FFWS 2021 Loot Box  
  • FFWC Surfboard  
  • FFCS 2020 Hover  
  • Arctic Flame  
  • Star General’s BannerM4A1 – FFCS 2020  
  • Pirate’s Flag Emote  
  • FFCS The Disciple Bundle  
  • FFWS Bayfront Ranger Bundle  
  • Vector FFWS 2021Ferocious Facepaint  
  • Groza – FFCS 2020Pet Skin: FFWS 2021 PUPFFWC Parachute  
  • Falling Star  
  • Lightning Bike  

2- Normal Prizes  

  • Assassin SCAR Box  
  • Warrior Spirit Box  
  • AI Gun Box  
  • Master of Minds Gun Box  
  • Pet Food  
  • Resupply Map  
  • Summon Airdrop  
  • 100x Universal Fragment  
  • Nairi Memory Fragment  
  • Memory Fragment for Kla  
  • Memory Fragment for Laura  
  • 50x Memory Fragment for Xayne  
  • 50x Memory Fragment for Maro  
  • Cube Fragment  
  • Diamond Royale Voucher  
  • Weapon Royale Voucher  
  • Gold Royale Voucher  
  • Winterlands AK Box  

Guide to Claim Pirate’s Flag Emote and FFCS Disciple Bundle  

Undoubtedly, many amazing rewards are available to obtain but they will need a complete guide to follow. In the remaining post, I have prepared a step-by-step guide that you can follow for claiming the Pirate’s Flag Emote or other rewards of Free Fire.  

Step-1 Open the Free Fire application and click over the FFWS Wish Event.  

Step-2 Now you will need to select the desirable wish pack then you need to spin until you didn’t receive the reward in your gaming inventory.   

In this post, you will get the list of all rewards that you can obtain in the FFWS Wish Event. Without wasting much time, participate in the Free Fire World Series Wish Event and also claim your favorite reward today.