Free Fire World Series 2022 Event: Get the Limited Edition Rewards!   

The Free Fire World Series 2022 is arriving in the next few days. Throughout the event, there will be some exclusive events and unique gifts will be available that gamers can get. Moreover, a few more events will be made available in the coming days. So, let’s go over the Free Fire World Series 2022 in further depth. 

Free Fire World Series 2022

Free Fire update adds to the game’s impressive features. When it comes to the most eagerly anticipated update of the Free Fire, the events are the most important features for the players, as they allow them to earn gifts and much more simply by completing tasks. Garena has released a new update, FFWS 2022, as is customary. If you’re unfamiliar with this new update, read on to learn everything there is to know about it.  

Free Fire World Series 2022 Event

The Grand Finals of the Free Fire World Series 2022 will take place on May 21 at Sentosa, Singapore. Players can collect cosmetics by completing tasks during the event. Following your participation in the events, you will be assigned a limited number of gamers to compete against you as adversaries. You will be rewarded for obtaining kills while playing the game. The player can earn goodies like characters, skins, gems, and more for each kill.

Offers That you will be Going to Receive by FFWS 2022  

1- Training Camp  

Free Fire World Series 2022

The Free Fire World Series has been divided into two parts and the Training Camp event is one of them. This event will be going to be the first one which you need to go through to reach the second one. This event will allow the Free Fire players to perform in a shooting minigame. This game will be short and the players will just need to grab the kills. When it comes to participating in this event, the players will not be able to join easily. For this, you will need to have some required number of tokens that will work as your entry pass. After obtaining the tokens, you can participate in this Training Camp event and can play along with other competitors. Check out the list below if you want to know the rewards that you can get from the Training Camp event.   

Rewards to Obtain by Training Camp Event  

1- 400 points for 3x Pet Food  

2- 600 points Gold Royale Voucher  

3- 900 points Gold Royale Voucher    

4- 900 points Diamond Royale Voucher   

5- At 2000 points, Haven Guardian Skyboard  

2- Cumulative Login  

Free Fire World Series 2022

Cumulative Login will be the second event that you can be able to participate in it after completing the Training Camp event. taking about the date, this event is started on the 9 May 2022. If you want to obtain the rewards by this event then you will need to stay in the event for the required number of days. Read below if you want to know about the rewards that can be obtained by this Cumulative Login event.  

Rewards to Obtain by Cumulative Login Event 

1- Pet food for a single day of registration  

2- 1x Gold Royale Voucher for three days of signing   

3- Haven Guardian Parachute for five days of signing in  

That’s All about the FFWS 2022. Moreover, live coverage of the competition will be available on YouTube, Facebook, and Free Fire Esports’ Booyah channel. So don’t miss out on anything.

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