Get free Haven Warrior Slasher and Gloo wall Skin by topping up your Free Fire diamonds!   

Free Fire World Series 2022 Tournament has many events for the players. The events of FFWS 2022 will allow you to claim several rewards by following their conditions. Like previous updates, the FFWS tournament is now ready to serve you the new event which is the Top-up diamond event. Want to claim the Free Fire Max diamonds via a Top-up event for rewards such as Haven Warrior Slasher and others? Read here!

Haven Warrior Slasher

This event features two rewards for the Free Fire Max players. As you all know that acquiring any in-game item will need to require several diamonds. The same condition is also applied here. Diamonds are the in-game currency that you can use to purchase any desirable item from the gaming shop. If you want to obtain those two rewards by the Top-up event then you will need to have around 300 diamonds.   

Top-up events have been an amazing way for claiming exclusive cosmetics even for free. With the help of any Top-up event, the players can claim a range of cosmetics even for free.

However, obtaining the diamonds has been a hassle for some players. If you are in the Top-up event then you will need to pay less amount for getting the package of diamonds. The minimum package will start from 300 to more.   

 Get Haven Guardian Gloo Wall and Haven Warrior Slasher

Haven Warrior Slasher

The Top-up event of Free Fire Max has already been started and it will available till 25 May 2022. Too many players have already participated in this event and claimed their favorite rewards such as Haven Warrior Slasher, Gloo Wall Skin, and much more. Check out the list below to know the required number of diamonds for rewards.   

1- If you want to purchase the Haven Warrior then you will need to top up on 100 Free Fire Max diamonds.   

2- Top-up over the 300 Free Fire Max diamonds will allow you to obtain Haven Guardian Gloo Wall.   

These items are supposed to be as rare in the game. You will be a wonder to know that this item will not always be available in the Free Fire Max Shop or any event. If you want to purchase these rewards then you should purchase the package of 250 INR to 300 INR for claiming these two items.

So, these are the rewards that you can obtain in the Free Fire Max Top-up event. If you are a beginner and don’t know to claim the rewards then you don’t need to disappoint. In the remaining part of this post, I have written the step-by-step guide that any player can follow to claim the rewards.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Follow for Acquiring the Diamonds and Rewards   

If you want to acquire the diamonds by Free Fire Max Top-up event for claiming the rewards then check out the steps given below.   

Step-1 First, you will need to open the Free Fire Max application on your device.  

Step-2 Now hit the Diamond icon that you will see at the top of the screen.   

Step-3 When you click over the Top-up event then you will get a list of diamond packs on your screen.  

Step-4 In the list of Diamond packs, the players need to select the desired pack for obtaining the Haven Warrior Slasher, Gloo Wall Skin, and much more.   

Step-5 When you will complete the payment process then the diamonds will transfer into your account directly.   

After claiming the Free Fire Max Diamonds by the Top-up event, you will be able to purchase the rewards from the gaming shop without any hassle.