How to Purchase Free Fire Max Diamonds for Squad Beatz-2 top up event  

Garena free fire is a battle royale title that is continuously enhancing the gaming experience of free fire players through many amazing in-game features. There are so many things that players never want to miss. All the things can be got but they have a fixed cost to purchase it. The developers of Garena free fire have launched so many events and tournaments yet and they are working to give you more. Get the way to obtain Free Fire Diamonds MAX by Squad Beatz-2 Top-up event. 

Free Fire Diamonds Max

There are so many events on the Free Fire application that are still running and players and availing of so many in-game rewards through their talents. If you don’t know the way to participate in events then you need to stay right here to resolve your issues. In this blog, you will also be going to know about How to Purchase Free Fire Diamonds in Squad Beatz-2 Top-up Event using Best Android Apps.   

Like other events, the free fire Squad Beatz-2 Top-up event is also having the same features and conditions. To participate in the event, you need to reach on the free fire application the click on the profile icon where you will see the event option that will give you the whole list of running events. To know How to Purchase Free Fire Diamonds in free fire MAX by Squad Beatz-2 top-up event.   

How to Obtain Diamonds in Free Fire MAX by Squad Beatz-2 top-up Event  

Some third-party websites will help you to purchase free fire diamonds even for free. It doesn’t mean that you will get diamonds without any contribution. You will need to do some tasks given by them or you will need to solve some queries then after that you will be able to receive some diamonds in your in-game mail section. From the in-game mail section, you can directly use diamonds in in-game stores to buy any in-game items or in-game currency.   

Steps to Purchase Diamonds in Free Fire MAX through Squad Beatz-2 top-up Event  

Follow the given steps that will assist you in obtaining free fire MAX diamond without any hassle.   

Step-1 open your free fire MAX application then sign in by using the given methods.   

Step-2 Click on the + icon that will open the top-up section.  

Step-3 now you need to select the one required option that will appear on the screen. You need to remember while selecting the option that, 100 Free Fire diamonds MAX will give you free Brassy Audio bomb Loot Box and 500 Diamonds will give you free Burnt BBQ.   

Step-4 Now you need to use the given payment methods that are added to the Google Play Store.   

Step-5 Once you get the transaction, you will be able to see the diamonds in your in-game mail section.   

These are the simple steps that you can follow to get the free fire diamonds in Free Fire Max by Squad Beatz-2 top-up Event. Read each line carefully so that you don’t need to go through some hassle while obtaining free fire diamonds MAX.