How to get free Assassin’s Creed Parachute skin in Free Fire MAX   

The primary Free Fire x Assassin Creed collaboration event is underway and gives gamers the Hooded Creed Parachute skin for complimentary. Players have been holding up for these events’ consolidation since the association was declared after the OB32 update.

Creed Parachute skin

The Ideology of Fire occasion calendar present to the game nowadays and sparked a sense of fervor. Players will be kept very active within the coming days due to all arranging exercises. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to induce tons of freebies.  

Free Fire MAX has Added New Hooded Parachute  

The Hooded Parachute skin is a portion of the Total Login occasion in Free Fire MAX, which commenced on 28 February 2022. As inferred by the title, gamers must log in for a particular number of days to achieve specific items.  

Garena has presented the primary crossover of 2022 some hours back. The occasions will begin on 28th February 2022 and will continue until 13th March 2022. There are so numerous things which we’ll talk about within another story. But our fundamental center is Hood Parachute Skin.  

The list of rewards and the prerequisites are as follows:  

Sign in for one day to get a free Diamond Sic  

Sign in for three days to get a free 1x Gold Royale Voucher  

Sign in for five days to get Hood Parachute  

Players will moreover get several more days in case they disregard to log in since the occasion will wrap up on 7 Walk 2022, and they are as it requires to log in for five days during this time. Additionally, marking in every day isn’t a troublesome assignment by any implies, indeed for more up-to-date users.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Collect Rewards by using Login Event  

Once players have fulfilled the given destinations, they can get to the event location to claim the rewards. The steps for which are as follows:  

First Step: Open the occasions inside Free Fire MAX by clicking on the calendar option.  

Second Step: Following, select the ‘The Statement of faith of Fire’ tab and press on the Free Hooded Parachute option.   

Third Step: Press the claim button next to the parachute to get it. Gamers can prepare Hooded Parachute from the vault area of Free Fire.  

Obtaining a parachute from the shop will take a toll on the user a least 99 jewels, with the higher conclusion of the scale coming to 199 precious stones. Besides, this parachute is Assassin’s Creed-theme, which includes its esteem and irregularity. In this way, gamers ought to not skip out on this reward.  

In the interim, the Creed Parachute skin looks exceptionally premium. The tagline of the skin the street to inward peace is chaotic. So, players can get it free by fair logging in each day. There are more rewards, occasions, and things. We are going to be sharing all of them within another story. So, remain connected.