Free Fire MAX Goldrim Top-Up Event: Rewards, And More For May 2022

Free Fire MAX presents new rewards for players in accordance with many new events where players can get rewards. These legendary rewards can be claimed upon fulfilment of the introduced missions in the event. Developers have introduced a new top-up event where players can get many new legendary rewards. Let’s take a glimpse of the new Free Fire MAX Goldrim top-up event rewards, and more.

Garena offers a ton of free rewards like gun skins, costume bundles, backpack skins, emotes, characters, and more. These rewards are strived by players in the game due to their rarity, aesthetics, and attributes. A very popular way of attaining these rewards for free in the game is through the top-up events. The latest top-up event introduced in-game is the Goldrim top-up event with new rewards.

Goldrim Top-Up Event: Rewards, And More

The latest Goldrim top-up event was presented in the game yesterday May 4th, 2022. The new event has introduced many new legendary rewards that players can obtain till the event ends on May 11th, 2022. As the name of the event suggests in this event players can obtain these rewards for free after completing certain missions in the event. The rewards introduced with the new Goldrim top-up event are as follows:

  • Goldrim Arc Scythe Skin: Top-Up 200 diamonds
  • Goldrim King Backpack Skin: Top-Up 500 diamonds

These new rewards can be claimed by players for free in the game by players upon top-up of a number of diamonds prescribed in the event. After the completion of the Ramadan Top-Up event on May 3rd, 2022 a new top-up event was introduced with new legendary rewards.

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Steps To Get Rewards From Top-Up Event

The rewards introduced in the top-up event are technically free as players don’t need to pay any price for the rewards. To obtain these rewards players need to buy diamonds from the in-game store. Players keep the diamonds that they got using top-up and after the completion. They can also claim the rewards from the Goldrim top-up event. Players can follow these steps to get the rewards from the Goldrim top-up event:

1: You need to open Free Fire MAX on your mobile phone first.

2. Once at the Free Fire MAX lobby screen you need to open the top-up centre by tapping on the diamonds icon present at the top of the lobby.

3. Now select the diamond pack as per your want to top-up. In order to get all the rewards from the top-up event players should choose the diamond pack of 520 diamonds which is priced at 400 INR.

4. Complete the purchase process using the available payment option from the game.

5. Once the purchase process is complete players can navigate to the events tab. Players should tap on the calendar icon from the lobby to get to the top-up event.

6. There navigate to the top-up event page. Once on the top-up event page players can claim the rewards. The rewards will be immediately sent directly to the Vault section where players can equip them.

NOTE: Free Fire is banned by the Government of India and players should refrain from playing the title. However, Free Fire MAX is not banned and can be used by players.

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