Check out The Best Free Fire HUD Settings for A Fantastic Gaming Experience (2022)   

When it comes to settings for Garena Free Fire, like all other important aspects, there are some important settings that every player should know. In this blog, we are going to let you know about the HUD setting which is also an important part of the gameplay. Free Fire HUD Settings will allow you to adjust the button settings of the gaming application according to your preference.

Free Fire HUD Settings

If you are not comfortable with the button setting then you can change it via the custom Hud setting in Garena Free Fire. If you are facing trouble while pressing the buttons on your gameplay then check out the method to change the HUD setting in Free Fire for having the game without any hurdles.   

What is Custom Hud Setting in Free Fire?  

Talking about this feature of the Garena free fire application, the developers of this game added this feature to the game so that players of free fire can decide how they want to control their buttons while playing the game.

If you are not comfortable with the previous setting then you can go with the custom Hud setting that will not be going to charge any cost from you. To know every single detail about this feature of Garena Free Fire, read the remaining information given below.   

Some Good Custome Hud Settings in Free Fire  

1- Setting for 2 Finger FF Players  

A large number of players prefer to play the game by using two fingers only. Many beginners probably are unaware that the default setting of Custom Hud is set for the two-finger players by the developers. If you prefer to play with another style then you can change it easily according to your comfort.   

If you want to play like a pro then let me tell you that you will need to practice more. For having the practice, the free fire players can go with the practice mode which is easily accessible for every player even for free. After changing the setting, try to practice on your fingers more. While changing any setting of Free Fire, players need to take care of so many things.

One of the important things, you need to take care more about the size of the button. The incorrect size of the button can be a big hurdle for you. To play perfectly, try to keep the size of the fire button less than 50 percent. The small size of the fire button will allow you to drag more.   

2- Settings for Three Finger FF Players  

If we calculate the whole population of the free fire players over the globe, there are more than 40 percent of players prefer to play the game by using three fingers. Playing with three fingers is common because it will allow you to increase the movement speed in comparison to the two-finger players. If you are a beginner then let me tell you that the size of the screen is also a part of the Custom Hud setting.

If you want to change the button settings then you need to change the size of the frame first. A big frame will be better for you but probably it will serve you a lag issue while playing the game. There are some buttons in a free fire that you need to keep bigger such as the Jump button, the run button, the gloo wall button, and also the left fire button.

That was all about The Best Free Fire HUD Settings for A Fantastic Gaming Experience! Please let us know what you think in the comments!   

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