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The Garena Free Fire has various different modes. Battle Royale mode is the first, while survivor mode is the second. Many gamers like to play in the survivor mode since it offers a variety of obstacles as well as some of the most exciting elements. Want to get your hands on the fantastic Free Fire Emotes for BR mode for a reasonable price? Take a look at the list and start collecting your favourite emotes.  

Free Fire Emotes

Along with this, the players can enjoy their gaming as per their choices. Talking about the Battle Royale Mode, this mode has a limited number of features and will allow you to move when it is required. The amazing part about the Battle Royale Mode is, that the players can select multiple maps and can explore many destinations where they want to fight with the foes.

If you want to add something interesting to your game in Battle Royale Mode then you should have the amazing emotes on your list and can increase the excitement of the player while having the Battle on the battlefield. Read below if you want to know what are emotes in Free Fire?  

What is Free Fire Emotes and How to Use Them?  

To put it simply, the Garena Free Fire Emotes are tools that allow Free Fire users to express their feelings in front of other players on the battlefield. Emotions are feelings you have for the person in front of you, whether they are your opponent or your buddy. Emotes are available for both adversaries and friends.

Many Free Fire players enjoy using them since the Free Fire Emotes are great and can add extra excitement to the player’s game. Emotes can not only make you happy, but they can also make you grin even in the direst of circumstances. If you want to discover what Free Fire Emotes you can use in BR mode, keep reading.

List of Free Fire Emotes to use on BR Mode  

The gamers will be able to see wonderful and top Free Fire emotes in the list that I have written below. The emotes listed in this post will be quite efficient in inflicting significant damage on your opponents. Get the top 5 Free Fire Emotes for BR mode right now.

1- Bhangra  

Free Fire Emotes

Bhangra is a kind of dance in India where a large portion of Punjabis loves to perform on occasions or weddings. This emote can be utilized at the time when you are happy and want to show the other players by showing the expressions and emotions. If you want to purchase this emote then it is not going to be difficult. Go to the in-game shop and spend 399 diamonds to add this to your list.  

2- One-Finger Pushup  

Free Fire Emotes

As we all know that it will not be going to be possible to do pushups using one finger on the surface in real-life. Talking about the in-game world, almost everything is possible when you are here. When it comes to the Free Fire game, the players can perform pushups by using one finger to show their strength to the opponents. This emote can be purchased by spending 399 diamonds on the gaming store.  

3- LOL  

Free Fire Emotes

There are two full forms of LOL, the first is Lots of Love and the second one is Laugh Out Loud. When it comes to the BR mode of Free Fire, you can consider this as Laugh Out Loud. When you are using this emote, this emote will help the players to tease the opponents and strangely laugh at them. If you want to purchase this emote then spend 399 diamonds and avail of this emote on the battlefield.  

4- Death Glare  

Free Fire Emotes

Are you looking for the most stylish emote of Free Fire? Well! You don’t need to wait anymore. For tantrum lovers, the Death Glare emote will be a perfect choice. With the help of this emote, the players will be able to show the backflip along with the tantrum touch to the opponent. You can purchase this emote in 399 diamonds.   

5- Moonflip  

Free Fire Emotes

This is another emote that can do a basic stunt as the Death Glare emote. With the help of this emote, the players can perform the stylish somersault diagonally to show happiness and excitement. Players can obtain this emote by utilizing 399 Free Fire Diamonds in the gaming shop.  

The emotes that I have mentioned in the above list are supported with the same price and that is 399 diamonds. 399 diamonds are not too much and many players can afford them. So, spend your free fire diamonds and collect your favorite emotes today.