Is The Free Fire Ban in India Permanent?  

A new application has been added successfully along with the other Chinese banned applications on the Indian server. Now you all are aware that we got the other shocking news on Garena Free Fire Ban in India. Read the whole blog to know everything.

Free Fire Ban

Singapore-based company has launched Garena free fire and undoubtedly this game was not part of any Chinese applications. You may confuse if this game was not China-based then why Indian Government blocked it? To know the whole information, you need to stay tuned with me right here.   

What is Garena Free Fire?   

Garena free fire is a Singapore-based application by the “Garena’ owner. After the banning of the PUBG application, Garena free fire has made an amazing appearance in Indian Server. Indian players lost the PUBG battle royale game but when they got free fire with the battle royale feature, they were very happy.   

Million Indian players joined it and made Garena free fire as the most downloaded game on the Google Play Store. When we talk about 2019, Garena free fire won the award of “Best Popular Vote Game”. In 2020, Garena free fire battle royale game has set the record of 80 million daily active users at the global level. Free fire application has grossed over I billion in 2019.  

Previously, we got Garena free fire which gave us amazing in-game features along with realistic graphics. Later on, free fire launched its enhanced version that is Free Fire MAX. Free Fire MAX has got so many same features like free fire in terms of graphics. Free Fire MAX is a little different in features but unable to get the most downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.   

Garena Free Fire Got Banned for Permanent or Temporarily?  

We used to play Garena free fire almost every day and we got addicted to it so fast. Garena free fire was flourishing in India for almost 4 years and now Free Fire Ban in India. The banned decision was taken suddenly without any notice by the Indian home affairs ministry. Like other 53 Chinese applications that got banned, The Indian Government found something wrong that’s he took strong action again.   

According to the sources, the Indian Government claimed that Garena free fire was going against the terms and conditions of Indian applications. In the media statement given by the Indian Government, we found that Free Fire can be a threat and unsafe when it comes to the Safety and Privacy of Data for Indian users.   

The developers of Garena free fire have accepted this issue and are working on it. They are fixing the issues but not sure to release Garena free fire battle royale game again on the Indian Server. However, The enhanced version of free fire still live on Google Play Store so you can still download the enhanced version easily.