A New Character in Free Fire: Check Out Everything about “Homer”!

What will you say if someone asks you which in-game item is the best? What do you think it is? Well, it’s difficult to answer because the developers provide so much in the game that guessing becomes challenging. After all  Garena Free Fire is a well-known battle royale game with fantastic in-game perks, as we all know. But t o answer that question, “Character” enhances the game’s excitement and participation so it becomes the the best in-game item. Players prefer the most because, despite their high cost, they can deliver an excellent gaming experience.

In todays post, we are going to discuss about that newly added player named “Homer” Do you want to learn more about the new character in Free Fire? Read this guide to learn everything there is to know about him, from his powers to his talents.

New Character in Free Fire

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for information on Garena Free Fire’s most recent character. The developers just revealed the “Homer” persona, who likewise has remarkable abilities. Let’s see what this character’s new skill is.

New Free Fire CharacterHomer

The Free Fire Character that has been added to the game is “Homer”. He is blind, but that has never stopped him from being the best at his work. Following the previous updated, this character is now capable of proving his abilities on the battlefield. This new character boosted the list of items in the gaming shop. Apart from this new character, you can obtain a variety of in-game items such as skins, characters, and much more.

For the time being, there is a lot to understand about the “Homer” character. So, continue reading… 

What is the “Homer” character’s ability in Free Fire?

Every character in Free Fire has incredible skills. When it comes to this guy, no other information has been released about him yet. According to some Free Fire Players or speculations, this character has an active ability that allows him to battle even at a fair distance. Along with this, Garena FF gamers will be able to slow down their adversaries’ movement speed and reduce the rate of fire that they unleash on your character.   

The Active Skill: Senses Shock Wave  

FF Homer Character can launch a missile over adversaries at a distance of 100 metres forward. The missile will fire a 5m-diameter pulse explosion that will reduce the movement speed by 50% and the opponents’ firing speed by 10%. This effect will last for a total of 5 seconds. This active skill has a 140-second cool-down time. In addition, the explosion takes away 25 HP. You can also use the memory fragments if you want to boost your skills even further. 

If you’re still hearing rumours regarding the new character, ignore them because the devs have publicly disclosed every information that every player should know. So, go to the official website to get all the details and read the other posts on this website to learn about the other prizes. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on all Free Fire updates.

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