The Best Free Fire Characters to Team up with Wukong (May 2022)! 

In the game of Free Fire Characters, there are two types of skills. The first is an active ability, while the second is a passive one. These abilities are unquestionably remarkable, and they perform in a variety of ways, but they will not always be at the same level.

Free Fire Characters

In the game, active ability characters can outsmart passive ability characters. In comparison to active characters, passive characters are expected to be weak. The characters’ active abilities will aid you in a variety of situations, including aggressive gameplay, whilst their passive abilities will only allow you to excel in close-range combat.

There is an amazing character of Garena Free Fire with the name of “Wukong”. He is very popular now like the DJ Alok and the Chrono characters. This character has an active ability which can be a big advantage for the players. However, it is considered that having a combination of characters with another item like other characters or pets can boost the power even more. If you are having the Wukong Character and want to boost the power even more then you should check out some given characters below to pair up with Wukong.   

The ability of the Wukong Character in Free Fire  

Like other characters in the game, Wukong has an incredible ability that is known as the Camouflage ability. With the help of the active ability of this character, the players will be able to maintain their stealth. Unfortunately, this character will reduce the movement speed by 20 percent while working. When you activate this character then it will take around 300 seconds to recharge.  

Characters to Combine with Wukong Character in Free Fire  

Wukong Character in Garena Free Fire is also famous as a monkey king which is very famous even on the entire globe. This character is having the active ability which means you can utilize it in various situations on the battlefield. To acquire the amazing battle, you can pair up the given passive ability character with Wukong’s active ability. Read below to collect the list of amazing characters to pair up with Wukong Character.   

1- Wukong + Miguel + Jota + Luqueta  

Miguel– Miguel has Crazy Slayer ability that will work to provide you the EP on each kill. Later, you can convert the EP into HP when you need it.   

Jota– Jota is having the passive ability which is known as Sustained Raids. This passive ability will allow you to acquire Health Points on killing the opponents by gun.   

Luqueta– Luqueta has the “Hat Trick” ability which allows the Free Fire players to obtain the HP more than its specified limit.   

2- Wukong + Shirou + Moco+ Otho  

Shirou– Hacker’s eye is the passive ability of this character. This ability of this character will allow you to find out the location of that opponent who was recently hit by you.   

Moco– Damage Delivered is the passive ability of this character. With the help of this ability, you will be able to spot the location of that opponent who is going to hit you from a distance of 80 meters.   

Otho– this character has Memory Mist ability. With this ability, you can find out the location of that opponent from 25 meters the distance that you killed recently.   

3- Wukong + Thiva + Kapella + Maxim  

Thiva– Vital Vibes is the passive ability of the Thiva character. The Free Fire players will be able to reduce the resurrection time of the opponent.   

Kapella– Kapella is a female character in the game who is having the Healing song ability. On each kill, the HP will reduce but you can get the healing support for your equipment in the game.   

Maxim– The length of time it takes to consume mushrooms and medkits is significantly reduced.  

So, these are a total number of Free Fire Characters who are having the passive ability in the game. Combine the given passive abilities with the active ability of Wukong Free Fire Character & obtain a great advantage on the battlefield.