Best 5 Free Fire MAX characters for passive playstyle in February 2022  

In Free Fire MAX, playing safe along with the passive playstyle can lead you to win the match. You can fight till the end of the match if you are supported with the best passive free fire MAX characters. If you don’t want to get eliminated then you will need to have good strategies for your game. Unfortunately, it is easier to say but it is more difficult to do. When it comes to selecting the Free Fire MAX characters, players often choose the wrong passive character for the passive playstyle.   

Free Fire MAX characters

Making mistakes in choosing can give you tactical disadvantages and then you will be unable to proceed with the further match. You will be happy to know that you can easily avoid mistakes. You just need to understand the abilities of free fire MAX characters that can suit your passive playstyle. Pick up the good passive Free Fire MAX character and understand the abilities so that you can use them as your big advantage.   

Passive Characters that are Well-suited for Passive Playstyle  

1- Kelly  

Kelly is a female passive free fire MAX character that can be the ideal choice for many players. Kelly has a “Dash” ability that will allow free fire MAX player to boost their speed more than usual. While running, the movement speed will increase by 6 percent. To protect yourself from the Headshots by opponents, the ability of Kelly will be very useful for you. You can quickly change the position by using the ability of this free fire MAX passive character.   

2- Leon  

Leon is a passive Free Fire MAX character with “Buzzer Beater” ability. The ability of this character is very unique and additionally, this character will provide you heal after the battle. On each kill, you will get 30 Health Points.   

3- DJ Alok  

DJ Alok is undoubtedly a very famous Free Fire MAX character that is supported with the “Drop the  Beat” ability. You will be able to get the healing support effortlessly if you have this character in your game. On each second, you will be able to get 5 Health Points which is enough to survive till the end of the match.   

4- Kapella  

Kapella is a female Free Fire MAX character that has “Healing Song” ability. If you are using the ability of Kapella then you will be able to boost the effect of healing items and your character’s skills by 20 percent. Her ability will provide you with a large number of health points while using the passive playstyle.   

5- Notora  

Some Free Fire MAX players love to roam around the world in Free Fire MAX on foot and some of them prefer to move on vehicles. The Notora character will be the best option for those players. The ability of Notora is called “Racer’s Blessing” that will provide healing support to the players while driving the car. You will be able to get 5 HP each time while playing the game.