5 Best Event-Exclusive Gloo Wall Skins Released in Free Fire  

In recent times, there is hardly a game that can compete with Garena free fire. Garena free fire has allowed their Free Fire players to increased their multifold while playing the game. There are so many things to do in the game that is engaging the player’s interest towards the royale battle game. From amazing graphics to fabulous in-game items, there is everything attractive. Get all the best events to obtain Free Fire Gloo Walls below. 

Free Fire Gloo Walls

As you know that the developers of free fire keep updating their game so that it can give something new to their Free Fire players. Recently, free fire has launched some gloo walls that have the extra ability in comparison to the previous one. As you all know, you need in-game currency to purchase any item from the in-game store. There are some upcoming events in which you can participate to win in-game currency along with exclusive gloo walls of free fire. Look at the list of events along with their rewards below.   

Top Events for Exclusive Gloo walls  

1- Victory Charge  

There is an event of free fire named “Free Fire x McLaren” that launched in July 2021. In this event, free fire Free Fire players got so many exclusive rewards. If you want to get a Victory Charge gloo wall then you can participate in this event to get this exclusive gloo wall. You need to remember that, if you want Victory to charge gloo wall then you need to pay 500 diamonds to the in-game store. You can collect in-game diamonds while playing the game in the “McLaren Top-Up” event.   

2- Gold Vault  

There is a collaboration “Money Heist collaboration” that marked their presence in December 2021 for the second time in the game. This collaboration has launched the “Reload Target Down” event that features so many exclusive rewards. there is a Gold Vault gloo wall of free fire that you can win in this event. If you want to acquire this then you need to pay some in-game currency to purchase it.   

3- Booyah Day 2021  

Booyah Day is a festival in a free fire that introduced several series. This series features events by which players will get the opportunity to win exclusive additional rewards. If you want to get Booyah Day 2021 gloo wall then you can participate in this game to win the desired rewards. Pay in-game currency and obtain your reward. To obtain it, you need to have 500 diamonds in your gaming account. You can also obtain its exclusive skin by spending 500 diamonds.   

4- Cobra Strike  

At the end of February month 2021, free fire players saw the editions of some exclusive rewards in the game via the Cobra Party event. The Cobra Party Event has brought Cobra Strike gloo wall that free fire players can win throughout the game. The cobra strike themed skin becomes rare in free fire games.   

5- Aurora Core  

Aurora Core is the impressive skin in free fire game that most of the pro players want to obtain. If you want this skin then you can participate in the Aurora Core Top-up event. Obtain Aurora Core gloo wall to make your gameplay amazing.